Best alternatives to My Bookmarks to follow football

Best alternatives to My Bookmarks to follow soccer

The website has become the reference site for all sports lovers who want to know the results of the different matches that are played every day. It is a platform that allows us to keep track of the matches of a large number of sports and not just football. My Bookmarks is surely the best platform to follow the sport, but it is not the only option we find on the Internet. Next, we leave you a list of the best alternatives to My Bookmarks that we have found.



Over the years LiveScore has become the main alternative to My Bookmarks. In fact, it appeared before, so it has had a long time to mature and adapt to the new demands of users.

One of the main attractions of LiveScore is that its interface design is very simple , so it is a very simple platform to use in which you will feel like a fish in water.

LiveScore offers us the results of the matches of a large number of sports , including of course soccer. The platform offers live information while the matches are playing, and substantially expands it upon completion.

FlashScore will quickly draw your attention due to its great resemblance to My Bookmarks. As soon as you enter this platform, you will realize that it is an almost perfect clone .

The consequence of this is that it is a platform that works exactly the same as the one we are taking as a reference in this article, with its same virtues and defects. Therefore, if you are used to using My Bookmarks to follow the sport, you will have no problem adapting to



ScoresPro is another platform to follow sports that bets on a minimalist look and is very easy to use . Like LiveScore, it is a website that does not offer a significant graphic load, so it will work perfectly even on less powerful devices.

ScoresPro provides information regarding the results of the main sports matches, and the most important leagues in the world. The main difference compared to other similar platforms is that it limits itself to providing information about the result of the matches and the time elapsed, without filling its interface with other details.

This makes it an ideal website to make a quick query with the browser of our mobile without quickly exhausting our data bonus.



SofaScore is one of the few bookmarking services that can achieve the My Bookmarks level. This platform is one of the most complete that we can find , with a large amount of information regarding the matches of most sports.

A very interesting feature of SofaScore is that it has an application for Android Wear , which will allow you to do a much more comfortable monitoring from the screen of your SmartWatch.

Online bookmarks

Marcadoresonline is mainly characterized by offering an interface with a very careful design in all details. It is a website that enters through the eyes as soon as you see it, something quite important to stand out in a sector with so much competition.

In addition to a very attractive design, it is a platform that has a large number of active users , and that provides a lot of information in a clear and concise way so that you do not get lost. Its main drawback is that the selection of sports and leagues is smaller compared to other platforms.