Hackers post stolen nude celebrity photos at Celebgate

Hackers post stolen nude celebrity photos at Celebgate

A new Celebgate arrives . What at first seemed a simple leak, after publishing intimate photos of Anne Hathaway, begins to be something more. Hackers have leaked more images of the private lives of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn . In short, a new edition of security flaws in devices, revealing intimate photographs of celebrities.

Right now the lawyers are trying, in every way possible, to remove the images from the net . But once they are published on a site, they tend to expand very quickly. With which everything indicates that it is a lost war, and a simple search allows us to find these photographs in several places. Of course, anyone who wants to do it at their own risk, can end up infected.

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These sites also take the opportunity to publish photos that are supposedly real with others that are false. That is, they seek deception through the montage of photos, something known as 'fake'. On many occasions, through the promise of unpublished photos or videos of celebrities, what they try to do is install malware on our computer. So we recommend that you exercise extreme caution or do not directly visit any of these portals.

Among the images that have been leaked, the model Stella Maxwell appears . Plus, he does it with both Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus . In them you can see the aforementioned model in the bathroom, with Kristen naked behind her. The actress's lawyer is attempting to remove the images, claiming it is a "violation of copyright laws."

It has been the same portal that leaked them in 2014 that has launched them now. Going to the point that Lindsey Vonn has confirmed that the photos are real, assuring that she will take legal action just like Kristen Stewart.

Another of those affected has been Sarah Hyland , one of the actresses of the Modern Family series. That it will also seek to take legal action when affected by this new version of ' Fappening '.

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A continuation of the 2014 Celebgate

Back in 2014, tabloids around the world echoed a leak of intimate photos of countless celebrities. One of her victims was Jennifer Lawrence, who defined the so-called 'Celebgate' as a sex crime. Google decided to remove all links to photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude.

In one of his last interviews, he recognized how it has affected him in his day to day life. Although he has avoided making statements in recent years, he has now explained that he feels like he is being judged day after day. “Having your privacy violated is not a problem when you are perfect. If you're human, it's horrible . " Her fear reached such a point that every time her agent calls her, she thinks it is due to a new leak of images.

As for the consequences of the leak of these private images, it was Ryan Collins who ended up convicted of this hack. He faces a total of 18 months in jail.