The memes of the general election results on election night

The memes of the general election results on election night

Sunday, April 28, General Election Day. Many of the Spanish citizens have already voted at their respective polling stations or through the mail. Now, touch the count. The electoral night is long, and if you are following it, it will surely make you more entertaining with these memes, the best of the day we have compiled here.

Election night, the first hours: the count

We begin with some memes prior to the electoral count (some during) This is how many Spaniards have felt through social networks.


Have you ever felt like this? It is probable, Vox is undoubtedly one of the most controversial parties. Many users are sure that they have put that face when finding a party representative.

Election night is well prepared at my house. # EleccionesGenerales28A # 28A

- The Sponge Bobby (@katakuri_op) April 28, 2019

Definitely a good use for ballots (at least for some). It is a good way if you want to recycle the paper that arrives through the postal mail.

I have everything prepared. # EleccionesGenerales28A

- Nerea_96 (@ Nerea_mtz96) April 28, 2019

The truth is that I am also preparing something similar. Also Vox memes.

Am I updating tweet every six nanoseconds in a YA plan? YA, DEMOCRACY? ALREADY? AND NOW? YA? # EleccionesGenerales28A

- ana morgade (@ana_morgade) April 28, 2019


Good thing the bleach has a safety cap. Whoever wins, don't toast with bleach.

The new left government entering La Moncloa. # EleccionesL6 # EleccionesGenerales28A

- Fijatetu Erestu (@fijatetu_erestu) April 28, 2019

It is still early days, although some have already bought tickets to see this show.

I from the left, my family all from the right. This is how I feel at family meals. But it is worth it. #HoyUnidasPodemos # EleccionesGenerales28A

- Jorge Carrillo (@ Jorch_91) April 28, 2019

That is a real battle and not the one that will be fought in the next chapter of Game of Thrones. By the way, it's tonight.

When you are an official in the Ministry of Time and you have to vote in the Generals # 28A #EleccionesGenerales

- David Fernández (@naroh) April 28, 2019

We all have the right to vote, even if we have to work.

Election night: forming a government

PSOE is winning the elections, but will need support from some parties so that it can form a government. Support, support ...

Albert Rivera sending Pedro Sánchez by WhatsApp:

- What's up

- We haven't talked for a thousand years hahahaha

- Diego Pazos (@ Yipee182) April 28, 2019

PSOE and Ciudadanos at this time.

- merulero (@merulero) April 28, 2019

Pablo Casado?

Pablo Capasado

- Tuan (@____tuan) April 28, 2019

The PP falls in seats compared to the previous elections:

I don't feel good Mr. Aznar # EleccionesL6

- Guillem Molina (@GuilleM_ML) April 28, 2019


The headquarters of the PP in Madrid is already for sale on Idealista, the real estate portal.


What about Pablo Casado's master's degree?

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría entering Genoa.

- Duskfosla (@ DavidPMingo8) April 28, 2019

Soraya Saenz de Santamaría following the results of the PP of Casado.

- Zezen (@zezenzuska) April 28, 2019

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría has been one of the protagonists in this electoral night with memes to the reactions of the defeat of Pablo Casado, what would have happened if Soraya had been the president of the Popular Party?