Nintendo games could come to Xbox One


Apple has already surprised by announcing in its recent keynote or presentation , that the charismatic Super Mario will come to their phones in the form of a game / application . Now it is another console that could receive the plumber and many other characters from the charismatic company Nintendo: the Xbox One . Yes, as you read. And is that Microsoft has approved the existence of an emulator application for the Nintendo NES console for its own desktop game console. A crossroads of licenses and platforms that will make many gnash their teeth and excite others.

The application in question is called Nesbox and has been in the media spotlight for several weeks. It is a very risky proposal, but its creators did not hesitate to try, launching the application to Microsoft's verification process to bring it to their platforms. In this way, Nesbox could be enjoyed on computers and mobiles with Windows 10 (which is not so strange), but also on Xbox One, since it now participates in the Microsoft application market .


The result, known only a few hours ago, is that Microsoft has accepted the application . That is, Windows 10 devices now have a new emulator to play the old Nintendo gems . Nothing new. The funny thing is that Microsoft has not stopped this proposal, knowing that it is going to get the developers and its own name in trouble due to licensing and intellectual property rights.

The bad thing is that, for now, we will have to wait for the new step of the companies. And it is that the Nesbox developers are somewhat disappointed to discover that their application is already available to download in the Microsoft Store , but only for Windows computers, without the characteristic Xbox icon that identifies the applications available for both platforms. .

Has Nintendo banned the arrival of this tool to a competing game console? For now it is unlikely, since creating an emulator is not illegal per se. In fact, there are many similar applications and tools on iOS , Android and of course on PC and Mac . The key is that intellectual property is not used, that is, that the games are not reproduced.


The Nesbox emulator that can already be downloaded from the Microsoft Store only has several free license games to play a few games between large pixels and loud MIDI sounds. However, if we want to play Super Mario Bros. , We will have to do an Internet search and download the game file. Something that is morally reprehensible and that is prohibited by law.

We will remain attentive to the history of Nesbox that, although it is compatible with Xbox One , it seems that it has received a veto so that it cannot be downloaded on the Microsoft console . Will Redmond be afraid of gamers picking the competition titles on their own game console? Or will it be the people of Nintendo who fear the flight of gamers?