Toshiba presents its new Toshiba Satellite multimedia notebooks

Toshiba Satellite L50

Toshiba has announced the launch of four new lines of Satellite laptops , oriented to the home. These are the Toshiba Satellite C50, C55 and C70, Toshiba Satellite L50 and L50t, Toshiba Satellite S50 and S70 and Toshiba Satellite P70 models . These computers will receive the new fourth generation Intel Core chips in the most advanced models and include the company's Hard Disk Accelerator technology. This technology uses leftover RAM on your computer to speed up the hard drive. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of connections such as Intel WiDi or Miracast,It is used to play the contents of the smartphone live without the need for cables. We tell you all the details about these teams, which will hit the market in the coming weeks (all teams will be on the market in mid-July).

The Japanese company has taken advantage of the arrival of the new Intel Haswell chips to announce its summer launches. The new notebooks oriented to the multimedia field are aimed at all strata of the consumer market. Thus, for example, the new Toshiba Satellite C50, C55 and C70 move in a price range of between 400 and 600 euros , while the Toshiba Satellite P70 is aimed at more advanced users with a price of 1,500 euros and very specifications. powerful. One of the technologies that is common to all of these models is Toshiba's Hard Drive Accelerator.This technology works in a similar way to that of hybrid hard drives, but instead of using a small SSD memory to function as a cache, it uses the RAM that we are not using. This use allows you to get a higher performance of the disk without paying more for it.

Toshiba Satellite P70

Toshiba Satellite C50, C55 and C70 notebooks  have screen sizes between 15.6 "and 17". These panels can integrate touch functionality, and opt for a standard resolution. The chip offering varies between an Intel Celeron, Pentium or a 3rd generation Intel Core (from last year). In the field of graphics, we can integrate several discrete cards such as an NVIDIA GeForce 710M or an AMD Radeon HD 7310G. Finally, we would like to highlight the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port for higher data transfer speed. Prices, as we said before, are between 400 and 600 euros.

Within the L series, the Toshiba Satellite L50 and L50t laptops represent a step forward, with a 15.6 ″ screen (the L50t model has touch capability). One of the most attractive features that this series reinforces is the Intel Slipstream technology , which ensures that the bass does not distort the sound when the volume is high. In addition, they have two Onkyo speakers to improve the audio experience and with the optional WiDi and Miracast connections . The price of these laptops is in a range of between 600 and 1,000 euros.

The third series is the Toshiba Satellite S, previously unreleased, which will feature the Toshiba Satellite S50 and Satellite S70 models . The first of them has a 15.6-inch screen, while the second goes up to 17.3 inches. The two again integrate two Onkyo speakers and offer the option of WiDi and Miracast connections . In addition, the company has introduced prismatic batteries in its design , which are thinner and with a longer useful life than traditional batteries. The price of these equipment is between 750 and 800 euros.

Lastly, the Toshiba Satellite P70 laptop will also be released . This equipment has a Full HD screen of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a size of 17.3 ″. In addition to a quad-core processor from Intel's fourth generation , this equipment stands out for the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTM 745M graphics with 4 GB of dedicated memory that will allow the vast majority of games on the market to run smoothly. In addition, it has four Harman Kardon speakers and the ability to transmit signal in 4K resolution to the TV through the HDMI cable. This equipment is priced at 1,500 euros.