More than 200 drawings to paint and color for free

More than 200 drawings to paint and color for free

Looking for drawings to paint and color? Drawings are great for practicing our color skills. They are also a fantastic life saver when we are with children. Most are able to entertain themselves for a long time with drawings of their favorite characters or those things they like the most.

Luckily, on the internet we can find countless drawings , ready to download and print instantly. If you want you can have several preparations, so that you can always have some at hand. That is why this article can be a great resource for schools, children's libraries, toy libraries, hospitals or waiting rooms. In addition to being a very uplifting and entertaining activity, painting can help children develop their creativity and fine arts skills. To have a taste for color and to concentrate on a specific task for a certain time. That is not bad at all in these times.

But beware, children are not the only ones who can enjoy painting. In recent years there have been countless books with coloring pictures specifically aimed at adults . Some experts indicate that it is a good mindfulness solution, with which to concentrate and even relax. As you read it.

If you've never tried it, you may be missing a golden opportunity to enjoy relaxation at home. You will only need a few colors and a printer to obtain all the drawings that we will provide you here. Ready to take a look at our selection of drawings to paint and color for free?

Drawings to paint and color animals

Drawings to paint and color animals

They are one of the most hackneyed resources. Because what kid isn't fascinated by animals? On the internet you can find proposals of all kinds to paint. Simply choose, from all the ones we offer you, the animals you need to work with or the ones that your little one likes the most. We have located a bit of everything.

Here you have them all: a selection of farm animals, a lion, a selection of wild animals, a group with an elephant, a turtle, a toad and other critters, a cow, an octopus and a turtle, a collection of marine animals , a very wild lion, a turtle, a dog, a cute little lion, a snail, a butterfly, a kitten and a beautiful calf.

You also have a unicorn, some very funny animals, a wild crocodile, a big whale, a baby whale, a pig, a pig, a horse and a rooster who are very friendly, a bee, an elephant, a monkey and a giraffe, a horse, a couple of very cute hedgehogs, a happy cat and dog, a parrot, a sheep, some farm animals with very bulging eyes, an almost real hippopotamus, a rabbit, a little sheep, a baby giraffe and a lot of fish and marine animals.

You can download a rooster, a dolphin, a frog, a very nice snail, an antelope and a zebra, a boy taking care of his horses, a swimming turtle, a hedgehog, a group of very smiling animals, an octopus, a duck, the animals on the farm, a flying elephant, a duck with its chicks, a farm with a department of lost horns, forest animals, a very cute little elephant, a couple of owls, polar animals, a bird, the farmer and his animals , a rhinoceros, a lot of funny animals and even a snake.

We have found a scary crocodile, a lovely fox and hedgehog, a duck with two ducklings on board, a hungry shark, a landscape with farm animals, a potbellied crocodile, a llama, a turkey, a tiny tiger, a dinosaur, a parrot that salutes, some fish, some exotic animals, a donkey, a koala, a starfish and a snail, a very slender lion, a very cute bear, a polar bear, a monkey with a banana, a wedding of rabbits, a little penguin, the head of a very beautiful giraffe, a girl with a hen, an owl, a goose and a rooster a little angry, a sea lion, a panda bear, a very strange creature, a puppy charming, a band of musical animals, a hen with her chicks, some butterflies, a crab and a flamingo.


Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures . There is no adult or child who has not been interested on some occasion about the vicissitudes of their existence. And the truth is that it is not difficult to be fascinated by them. All children experience some moment of extreme interest in dinosaurs, so we have proposed to provide you with a good number of dinosaur coloring pages.

We have found countless species. On the following pages you will find the following species:

  • Saurischians: archaeopterix , ornithomym, velociraptor, gallimimo, allosaurus, diplodocus, amargasaurus, tyrannosaurus, mamenchisaurus, thecodontosaurus, brachiosaurus, deinonicus, spinosaurus.
  • Ornithrischians : choritosaurus , tuojiangosaurus, apatosaurus, protoceratops, ankylosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops, lambeosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, parasaurolofus, iguanodon, maiasauria, styracosaurus.


Nature drawings to paint

Coloring pictures of nature can be very relaxing and comforting, for both children and adults. These images that we have found are great to work with the different elements of nature . And in this sense you will find a good number of proposals, ideal for painting with the little ones. You can download the drawing of a tree, a girl and a dog, two bunnies playing in a meadow, a river, a bird, two talking trees, animals, bushes and fruit trees, a paradise island, some tulips and a man who loves the nature.

A landscape with flamingos and other exotic animals, a rainbow, a sun and trees, ecology drawings to color, a ladybug and some strawberries, a beach landscape, a leaf, a sun and a running child, the landscape of a farm with sheep, some fish, a bear and other natural elements, two turtles, trees and mountains, fruit trees, a drawing about gardening, two children and a tree, a scarecrow in a landscape with children, a hippopotamus bathing, a landscape with a sailboat, forest animals, a planet with trees, a girl smelling a flower and some huge trees.

Coloring pictures of objects

Coloring pictures of objects

Looking for pictures of objects to color? Well, on the internet you have a good collection of objects to download. They can be helpful if you work on certain concepts with children , because they include both items from everyday life such as utensils, furniture or clothing.

You have a bed, glasses, a shower, a boombox, a kettle, an alarm clock, a duck for the bathtub, a pair of scissors, a telephone, a light bulb, a mobile phone, a ball, a locomotive, a cake, a pill of soap, a plane, a blackboard, an armchair, a piano, a chair, an umbrella, an ice cream, two pencils, a racket, a pacifier, a camera like the ones before, some marbles, some skates, a book, some maracas.

You can also download a key, a TV, a globe, a lamp, a magnet, a toilet, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a rattle, a glove, a bathtub, a table, a mop, a package and letters of mail , some candles, some cacti, cleaning products, a backpack filled to the top, a comb, a compass, some cups, a bucket and a shovel, a ball, a pot, a watch and some pencils.

If you are looking for objects that we can find in any house, here are a few: a bathtub, a kitchen, a table with four chairs, a living room, plate and cutlery to eat, a rest chair, a chest of drawers, a microwave oven, a iron, a spoon, a washing machine, a watering can,

Food drawings

Food drawings

Food is another very important category within the drawings to paint . Because it serves to work on a very important issue with the little ones, which is the different types of food products. We will start with fruits and vegetables, because the proposal you have to download is huge: an apple, a pear and a banana, some strawberries, a slice of watermelon, a pear, some bananas, an apple, some grapes, a pineapple, a tangerine, a peach, a bowl with assorted fruit, an orange, some cherries or a kiwi.

You can also download all kinds of vegetable drawings to paint . Here we have found broccoli, a pepper, assorted vegetables, some carrots, a lettuce, a pumpkin, an onion, a tomato, a cucumber, some garlic, some very funny vegetables, an aubergine, an ear of corn, some zucchini or a mushroom.

If you want to download other food pictures to paint, here are a few more: a hamburger, the main food groups, a dozen eggs, the ingredients for a cake, a child eating spaghetti, a brick of milk, a cheese , the food pyramid, bread, a soft drink, fish, a sandwich, chicken, a picnic basket, a breakfast, some candies, some mushrooms, a muffin or cupcake, a chestnut, a piece of pizza, a lobster, a package with a burger, soda and chips, an ice cream, a yogurt and some lollipops.

Drawings to paint and learn the alphabet and numbers

Drawings to paint and learn the alphabet and numbers

The alphabet is one of the most important learning that little ones do. And using pictures for the letters can be very useful to make this process more enjoyable and visual . That is why we have decided to include in this article a series of pictures with drawings that children can also paint. On the web you can find countless proposals, but we recommend the following (all of good quality and ready to download and print for free). You have them arranged, logically, alphabetically.

  • The letter A is for astronaut and bee
  • The letter B is for owl and whale
  • The letter C made from pumpkin and lamb
  • The letter D is for dolphin and dinosaur
  • The letter E for elephant and star
  • The letter F is for seal and lighthouse
  • The letter G is for cat and gorilla
  • The letter H is for hippopotamus and hyena
  • The letter I for iguana and island 
  • The letter J is for giraffe and jewel
  • The letter K is for kanguro and koala
  • The letter L is for lion and book
  • The letter M is for bat and monkey
  • The letter N made of orange and narwhal
  • The letter O is for bear and sheep
  • The letter P is for father and pineapple
  • The letter Q is for quetzal and cheese
  • The letter R is for mouse and reindeer
  • The letter S is for snake and sun
  • The letter T is for turtle and tiger
  • The letter U made of unicorn and grapes
  • The letter V for cow and vegetables
  • The letter W for elk and water polo
  • The letter X from X-ray and xiphias gladius
  • The letter Y is for yacht and yoyo
  • The letter Z is for zebra and skunk

In addition, we wanted to complete these images to paint with whole pages that include all the letters of the alphabet. Most of them include all the letters for coloring, but other elements are also incorporated, such as funny drawings for the little ones in the house.

You have pages with pictures for each of the letters, with lowercase and pictures, only with uppercase letters, inside clouds, with cards and words, through a kind of board, with uppercase and lowercase, with stars, inside a speech bubble comic or with drawings of animal species.

If you are interested in providing your little pages with numbers to color, we also have a good number of proposals. They are pages to paint that include the basic numbers , in which in addition to the figures to learn and color appear. But they also incorporate drawings that will help children to recognize numbers and ultimately learn to associate them with quantities.

We have these numbers with eyes and paws from 1 to 10, this girl with the numbers in a speech bubble, a coloring activity with numbers in which Hello Kitty appears, the numbers from 0 to 4, the numbers from 1 to 8 within the circles, another tile to paint through the numbers and a snake with the numbers up to 20.

Another interesting possibility is to use different tiles to paint , in which each of the numbers has an assigned color. So it is possible to create a mosaic with colored images. Although the freedom to paint with different colors is a little more restricted, the results that we can obtain are certainly beautiful. But it is also that we get children to improve concentration and pay much more attention to numbers. Thus, we have located simple drawings and other more complex ones, in which it is even necessary to solve mathematical operations, such as a drawing of a crocodile, a unicorn, a bear, a butterfly, a sailboat, a hot air balloon, a girl with a raincoat and umbrellas, some balloons, a bug on a leaf, a bat, a fish, a dinosaur and a bird.

Peppa Pig

Cartoon characters for coloring

Cartoon characters are another of the great hits when it comes to coloring. Because children quickly identify them and because in this way, they are even more attractive to paint . For this reason, we have collected a series of drawings to paint on the main cartoons that are broadcast in our country. If your little one likes some of these series, you can start preparing a printer. Because you will surely love these proposals.

Peppa Pig coloring pages

Here you have Peppa Pig's family in full party, the whole family reunited, Peppa Pig on a bicycle, she and her brother George, the family jumping in mud puddles, the Pig brothers having a great time, in the family car, Peppa Pig and a Christmas tree, George Pigg and his favorite doll, the brothers making sand castles, Peppa Pig with his name, Peppa Pig's parents working, Peppa Pig reading a story, all the characters of Peppa Pig, Peppa and her Susi friend, Peppa dressed as a fairy, all the people of Peppa's town or the family home.

Paw Patrol coloring pages

That your child is a fan of the Paw Patrol drawings? Well don't worry, because we have found countless drawings that you can download and print for free. Here you have all the members of the Paw Patrol, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Rocky and Zuma together, Marshall or Ryder. But this is not all. If you prefer, you can also find some of the members of this patrol together, celebrating an anniversary or all the members with different names.

Ben & Holly drawings

Ben & Holly is another interesting cartoon series that is sure to hook your children. You have countless pictures, such as Holly with her magic wand, Ben, Holly and Gaston, Holly and Ben multiplying ice creams, Ben, Holly and Gaston astronauts, the champions raising a glass, a cutout of Ben and Holly, a very pretty with the characters to paint.

More drawings to paint

We have found many more drawings to paint . You can download them by simply clicking on: Caillou, Doraemon, SpongeBob, Winnie the Poo, Snoopy, Pocoyo, Hello Kitty, Miffy, Minions, Dora the Explorer, the Simpsons, Pinocchio, Bugs Bunny, Pokémon, Super Mario, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Nemo, Dory, Frozen, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast.

If you want, you can also download some super heroes or comic characters . You have a little bit of everything: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Flash, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Human Torch, Robin and Aquaman.

Professions drawings

Professions drawings

Another subject in which children feel very comfortable is that of professions. In fact, when working in class, a good way to get over concepts is by drawing on pictures. We have found a significant series of drawings to paint in which we find a good number of professionals represented. They are: a firefighter, a policeman, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a cook, a dentist, an electrician, a bus driver, a butcher, a photographer, a cartoonist, a veterinarian, a street sweeper, an astronaut , a soldier, a musician.

A dressmaker, a hairdresser, a bricklayer, a singer, a journalist, an architect, a painter, a farmer, a footballer, a mechanic or a magician.


Mandalas coloring pages

Now let's continue with mandalas, a very interesting option for all those who want to relax by painting . Mandalas are concentric representations or diagrams that originate from the East. They are usually represented as circles.

They are inspired by the spiritual and have a central point that expands concentrically and symmetrically, from the inside out . Psychiatrist Carl Jung described them as expressions of the collective unconscious. They have long been used as meditation inducers. In fact, it would be enough to look at them.

But painting mandalas (and even drawing them) can work as active meditation. In addition, experts consider that coloring them improves our ability to concentrate , relaxes us and helps us regulate our breathing and heart rate. It also improves our ability to organize ourselves, reduces anxiety levels, allows us to express our emotions through colors, activates the cerebral hemispheres, keeps us in harmony and balance, connects us with our creative part and helps us generate endorphins.

Mandalas for adults

We have found quite a few mandalas for adults that you can download in the blink of an eye. Choose the ones you like the most and then print them out. All you have to do next is pick up your colors and get to work. Here you have a total of 20 mandalas to download: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Mandalas for kids

Did you know that children can also benefit from the positive and healthy effects of painting mandalas? There are mandalas specifically designed so that the little ones can paint them, so if you are interested in transferring this practice to children, you just have to take a look at these 20 mandalas for children. They have children's drawings and motifs, so all children will like them a lot: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19 and 20.

adult drawings to paint

Drawings to paint and special coloring for adults

In recent years, adults have also joined in painting to relax. Hence, a lot of books have been published with pages to paint, specially designed for the elderly. They are drawings, logically, much more complex than those that we can find for children and they do not have that childish touch of all those that we have proposed so far.

Many of them are really pretty, so in the end, if you paint with art and skill, you can get a real work of art. Like mandalas, the activity of painting also has a powerful influence on our state of relaxation. According to experts, when we concentrate on the activity of painting, eye-hand coordination is activated and the left hemisphere begins to function, which deals with reason. At that moment, the limbic system is inhibited, which is responsible for managing emotions. This is how painting can help us forget what worries us, de-stress when we can no longer connect with our most artistic self. Repainting is a great opportunity to reconcile with our creativity. Those who have tried it confirm that it is a regenerating experience.

Below, we provide you with a total of twenty drawings for adults that you can download and print for free. When you have them in hand, you will only have to get a large box of colors and start the task of painting . Enjoy them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.