Smart TV projectors, more than 100 inches anywhere

Smart TV projectors, TVs over 100 inches anywhere

Although most users choose to purchase a more or less large TV, we should not rule out other options when choosing a device for our entertainment. We refer to projectors. One of the companies that is working the best in this field is LG with its short-throw projectors. They are devices designed to offer any type of content on a large screen and without too many complications . Far away are the installations on the roof and with long distance wiring.

Short throw projectors can project up to 100 ”of screen by placing them just 11cm away from the wall . In addition, many models include a Smart TV system with the most common applications. We can even take them anywhere, since they are light and handy equipment.

Use a projector anywhere

LG LED projectors are lightweight and portable. They offer a detailed image in any room, from the living room to a bedroom. But not only that, we can also use them on a terrace and even in the pool. We will only have to look for a surface on which to project.

projectors with Smart TV HF80JS


For example, we have the LG HF80JS. It is a laser projector with 2,000 lumens and native Full HD 1080p resolution . It can offer a screen from 40 to 150 inches and has an integrated Smart TV 3.0 system.

In other words, it is like having a large television that we can carry with one hand. It has 2 HDMI inputs, a USB player port and optical digital connection.

Do you want to put the party in the pool? There is no problem with the LG HF80JS. Its I-shaped design and ultrashort throw allow you to create a large screen anywhere.

We can get the LG HF80JS with a price of around 1,600 euros .

Take the travel projector

Are you going on a trip or to the beach house and want to continue enjoying movies and series on the big screen? With the LG PH150G you can.

projectors with Smart TV PH150G


It is a mini portable LED projector with built-in battery . Weighing only 460 grams, it is a projector that we can take anywhere. It is easy to transport and allows you to enjoy a large screen in any space.

The LG PH150G projector has an LED lamp that offers multiple advantages. Improves color and contrast, thus achieving superior image quality. It is capable of achieving up to 100 inches with the best image quality.

In addition, it has a built-in battery for up to 2.5 hours . In other words, we can watch a movie without having to be connected to the electricity grid. And for sound, it has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows us to pair speakers wirelessly. All this with a price of around 300 euros.

Large screen in any room

projectors with Smart TV HF85JG


Until not long ago, we had always associated the use of a projector with large rooms, with a long distance between the projector and the screen. However, that has radically changed. Now we can have a projector in any room, no matter how small.

For this we can use ultra short throw projectors, such as the LG HF85JG . This projector is capable of achieving a 90-inch screen with a distance of only 8 centimeters . Do we want a bigger screen? No problem, we can get up to 120 inches with 20 centimeters of separation.

In addition, it does this by offering good image quality. It has an illumination of 1,500 Ansi lumens , laser technology and native Full HD resolution . Its contrast ratio is 150,000: 1 and offers a useful life of 20,000 hours.

It even has the webOS 3.0 system integrated , with which we can enjoy the best applications. We can get the LG HF85JG with a price of around 1,700 euros .