50 images of mandalas for children to download and print

50 images of mandalas for children to download and print 1

Coloring is no longer just for children. In recent years we have seen new techniques of relaxation, inspiration and mindfulness  become popular through artistic creation, painting and coloring activities. Above all, through mandalas . Surely you have heard of it and, most likely, you have even tried it.

Dozens and dozens of adult coloring books are offered in bookstores . The only thing they need to get down to work with relaxation is a few drawings and a color box, which will serve to give free rein to the task of putting color on leaves, rivers, elephants and all kinds of geometries.

But as we said, children are also guests of honor in this relaxation through this technique. So much so that relaxation activities have also proliferated for them, in which the smallest of the house are encouraged to paint mandalas to reduce stress, increase concentration and promote their well-being in general.

If you are thinking of introducing your sons, daughters, students or students to this world, today we want to offer you a selection of mandalas ready to download and print that we have gathered from the Primary World, Children's Guide, Mandalas.pro or Print Mandalas pages. They can help you on your return from vacation, to regain concentration, or at any time of the day, even during the school year, when you need a few minutes of relaxation.


What are mandalas?

You may have heard this word many times, but you do not know very well what they are or what they are for. We are going to explain it to you a bit, in case you want to start downloading them and enjoying the activity with your little ones . The images are images, which usually keep a geometric style, and which have circular shapes.

But they didn't come out of nowhere. Mandalas are typical images of India or Tibet , although the truth is that they have now become popular around the world. In this way, it is very likely that you will find mandalas with other types of drawings or motifs, created in the West, but also with a geometric format, which invites you to an activity as relaxing as painting.

Traditionally, mandalas include designs with certain symbols , unlimited in principle, but that serve people to express themselves and share the sensations that flow in their inner world. From its origin it is known that the origin was the East and that they serve to help people to achieve relaxation, achieve tranquility and enhance reflection.


Mandala Di Pasqua Da Colorare |  Mamma E Casalinga per quanto riguarda Mandala Per Bambini Da Colorare


Why can painting mandalas be beneficial for children?

Painting mandalas is an activity that can benefit children a lot. But why? What are the benefits it can bring? As we indicated, mandalas are objects that should serve to relax us , reassure us and help us reflect.

Try it just once. When a child spends part of his time painting a mandala , he is relaxed, focused and calm. Hence, for experts this is a perfect activity to evoke concentration and promote balance, so necessary in these times, in which we are always surrounded by screens.

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What do children feel when they paint mandalas?

Working with children and with mandalas can be very rewarding. Because the truth is that the activity can evoke, both in children and adults who are responsible for the task, emotions as important as the following :

  • The tranquility
  • Reflection
  • Concentration
  • Patience
  • The trust
  • Safety

In addition, painting mandalas has another enormously positive effect, which has to do with giving children all the tools to unleash their creativity and imagination . The part that fosters the artistic aspect of each individual has, in this sense, a capital importance.

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The power of a simple mandala in children

If you have a book of mandalas for adults, you may have noticed that some mandalas are especially complex and intricate. They are perfect for the older ones. But in the case of children, what we should look for are simple and easy to paint mandalas, in the sense that they have basic and quick ways to recognize.

In this way, the little ones will feel more comfortable with the activity and will be perfectly trained to work them. If they are overwhelmed with too complex shapes, you may start the activity on the wrong foot.

A suitable mandala (in this article you have more than fifty ready to download) will help the little ones to develop their motor skills . At the beginning, it is best to start with a simple drawing, with a mandala that contains a flower, for example, in which you only have to paint a few petals or a star or basic circular figure.

As the child progresses and is more accustomed to painting mandalas, you can look for slightly more complex drawings that represent other shapes and that serve to give free rein to his imagination with new colors or techniques.

In fact, using other types of colors (or even supports), as well as materials such as glitter or tempera, can be of great help to stimulate their creative capacity . Let her decide how she wants to use the colors and develop her own techniques to achieve the results she wants.

This is undoubtedly a good way to reinforce your creative personality , to increase your self-esteem and to help you become more capable and skilled in other disciplines or subjects. Another important advantage that experts point out has to do, on the other hand, with the ability of mandalas to evoke tranquility, inspire relaxation and help to fall asleep and obtain a better quality of it.

Hence, painting mandalas is a perfect activity for the afternoons, just before taking a bath, having dinner and sleeping, or on those rainy days when we are all a little upset. Painting mandalas with children is, finally, a perfect activity to share feelings and emotions as a family . Download as many as you want, print them and enjoy them!

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