5 programs and websites to create and print chops


We return to the routine. It is time to go back to school and institute and university students have to face a new period of examinations. It is tradition. Hence, many are thinking about how to make up for lost time after the Christmas holidays, because it is already known that they fly by and that there is almost no time to apply for the January and February exams. This is the reality. And although it is clear that the ideal is to study and do things the way they have to be done, you may not have time left and you have to go to an exam yes or yes. That desperate time to turn to hackneyed chops has come . In any case, you must bear in mind that to do them you will have to synthesize the contents and this is great for studying. Here are five apps and resources for creating and printing cheat sheets.


1. Chuletator, create your chops from the browser

If what you want is to make a chop quickly, all you have to do is access this website, because it includes the Chuletator program so that you can make them from the browser itself . You will not have to download any program or application, so it will be easy and fast. You will have at your disposal a simple text editor in which to write all the contents of the subject you are going to examine. You can choose the size of the font and highlight it in various colors or underlines . Then you can also choose the size of the chop and all that remains is to print. Download Chuletator.


2. Chops

If the chops thing is a habit for you, perhaps it would be more interesting if you downloaded the program to your computer . From this page you can download the installation exe file. It does not weigh too much and installs easily. Just follow the process and run the application. You will see that it is an editor very similar to Word , in which you can insert text and transform it to make it more comfortable to read. When you're done, print and go.

Download Chops to your computer


3. Chuleteitor

If you prefer to use your mobile to make your chops because you spend so much paper, perhaps you should download this app. It's called Chuleteitor and it's a tool for cheating on exams. You can organize your cheats by folders and add images. Then you can activate the “Exam Mode” and the noise sensor , which will allow you to hide the cheat sheet when the least noise occurs. In this case the screen will turn off or a clock will appear.

Download Chuleteitor


4. Chops

This application is very similar to the previous one. You can also enter your cheat sheets and sort them into folders, but then you can activate the “Cheat Mode” so that a clock appears on the screen. All you have to do is double-tap the screen to make the cheat come out or to make it disappear . This way, you will not run the risk of being caught by the teacher.

Download Chops

tippex chop

5. The chop on the Tippex

Another interesting resource is the famous Tippex chop . It is a template that mimics the label of Tippex cans with a brush . You can scan it yourself or rescue the one offered on this page and edit it. Then all you have to do is print it and stick it to the boat trying not to show too much. You can reuse it as many times as you want.

And you, what other techniques do you use to make cutlets?