Yamaha R-N301, new Hi-Fi receiver with network connection

Yamaha R-N301

With an elegant design and state-of-the-art features, the new Yamaha R-N30 1 is a high-fidelity stereo receiver with a network connection. It combines a 100 watt power amplifier per channel with a radio tuner and a network access port. This will allow us to browse the music library on our computer, or use our smartphone or tablet to play our favorite songs through the receiver, being also compatible with the latest digital audio formats. Its price, of only 330 euros , places it as a complete and interesting amp.

The Yamaha R-N301 offers a solid and elegant look for its price, in line with all other Yamaha hi-fi products . It is available in black and silver , and its design is reminiscent of classic Hi-Fi equipment from the 80s, especially if we choose the silver version. Its external dimensions are the usual ones in this type of equipment, with measurements of  435 millimeters wide, 141 high and 333 deep., so it can be seamlessly combined with another player. The front panel offers the most important controls on large, easily accessible buttons, with dedicated knobs to increase or decrease the bass and treble, and to select the audio source. A small wheel and a " return " button will help us navigate through the menus, and to the right of the panel we will find the usual rotary control for the general volume. The left side houses the headphone output and the also common AB selection buttons for the speakers.

Yamaha R-N301

The most important feature of the new Yamaha R-N301 is of course, network connectivity. Through the LAN input on the rear panel we can connect the R-N301 to our home network and directly access one of the thousands of Internet radio stations available, as well as the popular online music service Spotify . Likewise, access to the network allows us to play our music from a computer or from a network hard drive or NAS (Network Attached Store) . If we also add the optional  Bluetooth YBA-11 and Wi-Fi YWA-10 adapters we can send our music to the R-N301from a phone, tablet or any other compatible device without connecting any cables. Users of Apple equipment will be interested to know that the Yamaha R-N301 has an AirPlay port to connect us from an iPhone or from any device on the apple also completely wirelessly. Once we have established the connection, the R-N301 will be able to play all types of digital files, including MP3, WMA, MPEG4 or AAC , as well as digital files in FLAC or WAV quality  at 192 kHz and 24 bits . And if what we want is simply to listen to traditional radio, the Yamaha R-N301It has an FM / AM tuner with memory for 40 preset stations . All these functions can be controlled from the built-in remote control, or from the NP Controller App available free of charge for Apple and iOS devices .

Moving on to the chapter on connectivity, the Yamaha R-N30 1 includes four analog audio inputs with RCA connectors , coaxial and fiber optic digital audio inputs , analog RCA recording output , input for external antenna, DC port for adapters optional wireless WiFi or Bluetooth , the port for LAN or network connection and four outputs for the speakers . The new Yamaha R-N301 receiver is now available, and its indicative selling price is 330 euros .