How long will Amazon and AliExpress shipments take with the quarantine?

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The preventive quarantine for the coronavirus has become effective in much of the world. In Spain, most companies and public services are at a minimum. Ironically, Google searches for AliExpress and Amazon products have skyrocketed in recent days. Both platforms seem to operate normally, unlike stores such as the Apple Store, which keeps all branches in Spain closed. The obligatory question has to do precisely with the delivery times of the two pages. Will they last until the government declares the end of the quarantine? We see it below.

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What Amazon and AliExpress say

If we refer to the website of the two giants, we do not appreciate any message or image that warns us of a change in shipping policies as we can see it in Apple stores . Apparently nothing has changed compared to a few weeks ago, although the truth is that shipping times have been slightly delayed.

In Amazon, for example, we can see that the average shipping time is 5 days even if we have the Amazon Prime subscription. This Samsung Galaxy S20, for example, has its estimated shipping date on March 25.

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The same goes for a 16-inch MacBook Pro; the estimated shipping date is March 25th . Both products are sold by Amazon itself, so it is understood that this delay applies to all products. It should be noted, however, that the shipping time may vary depending on the Autonomous Community where we reside. The terms will probably be shorter in areas close to Madrid, Barcelona or Seville .

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As for the Asian giant, the web does not show a message or image as a warning either. In fact, the platform boasts of the week of discounts for the 10th anniversary of AliExpress.

If we turn to AliExpress Plaza, the Spanish store in the Chinese market  , the promise of shipping in 3 days or less is kept. This can be seen in all the products in the store, such as this Xiaomi television, with a shipping date of next Monday, March 23 .

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Shipping from Spain.

In the case of a Huawei P30 Lite, the estimated shipping time is about 4 days, on March 24 . Something similar happens if we take a look at the AliExpress international store.

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The deadlines that most stores attached to the platform handle are around two and three weeks, which coincides with the usual term of the platform, as we can see in the image below.

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Shipping from China.

We can therefore conclude that the impact of the coronavirus on AliExpress is non-existent for the reasons that we will go on to detail below.

What the transport companies say (Correos, Seur, MRW, DHL ...)

The almost zero consequence of the current confinement in the shipping times of Amazon and AliExpress is due to the response of the main courier and transport services in Spain. Correos has been the only company that has declared the suspension of most services in the country, precisely because it is a public service.

In a statement from the company that we can read on its website, Correos mentions that only and exclusively the public services of the company will be maintained (money order, money transfers ...). The sending and distribution of letters and postcards weighing up to 2 kilograms and packages of up to 20 kilograms will only be maintained if they are made through the 'Blue Package' type of shipment currently offered by the company.

As for the rest of the companies, none have shown a decrease in the activity of their distributions . Correos Express will remain operational at all times. The same happens with Seur, DHL and MRW, as we can see in their respective web pages. Yes, they have assured that "the necessary measures will be taken to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on their employees."