400 euros for a Roborock S5 Max thanks to these Roborock offers

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Gone are the times where buying a robot vacuum cleaner for several hundred, and even thousands of euros, was the daily bread. With manufacturers like Roborock coming to market, the average price of cleaning robots has dropped significantly without sacrificing quality. With the arrival of 11/11, a date marked on the Chinese calendar as Singles Day as opposed to Valentine's Day, there are not a few brands that launch discounts on their products in stores like AliExpress .

Precisely one of these brands is Roborock, who recently announced several discounts on its latest robot launched on the market. How could it be otherwise, we refer to the Roborock S5 Max, the robot vacuum cleaner halfway between the S6 and the S5 launching just a few months ago. The discount is limited, however, to the authorized distributor of the brand, which in this case is Gshopper .

Roborock S5 Max: 450 euros with additional discounts on Aliexpress

The recently launched Roborock cleaning robot is on a promotional offer, a promotion that combines discounts from 11-11 and the discount launched by the brand for its global launch, leaving the final price of the Roborock S5 Max at a discount total of 132 euros on the initial value of the robot after the application of all offers. It is important to note that the original price of the Roborock S5 Max is 554 euros.

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If we keep the item in the shopping cart until November 11 and make the payment on the same day, we can buy the Roborock S5 Max on AliExpress for a price of only 454 euros through this link. The discount is applied directly without the need to enter any discount coupon.

Along with this direct discount promotion, Roborock has several additional promotions that subtract 22 euros if we add the product to the shopping cart or AliExpress wish list and another 7 euros if we participate in the activities on the 11th of Aliexpress. If we use the GPS5MX coupon  at the time of purchase of the robot we will get another 11 euros discount.

As if this were not enough, if we apply other welcome and exclusive discount coupons from the 11 of the 11 we can reduce the total price to just over 400 euros or even below this figure. To this is added a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as a gift if our purchase is among the first 50 units sold . In the event that our purchase falls within the range of the first 150 reservations, we will obtain a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 as a gift.


From Roborock they inform us that the stock on the AliExpress page has been exhausted within a few hours of its launch. The alternative way they offer us is based on Gearbest. The discount in any case is the same as in the AliExpress store, with the difference that the store has stocks.

  • Access the Gearbest promotion

Roborock S5 Max Features

As far as the specifications of Roborock's S5 Max are concerned, the Asian firm's robot does not differ much from the company's highest-end model, the S6. Roughly, it has a suction power of 2,000 pascals, an autonomy of 2 hours and a half and a 460 milliliter tank for dirt .

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Its circular design has a 360º scanner capable of analyzing all areas of the house to improve the route and, therefore, energy efficiency when establishing cleaning guidelines. With sweeping and scrubbing functions thanks to its 290 milliliter liquid tank, the robot is configurable over the phone with the Home application of the same manufacturer.

Of course, it has an  interchangeable mop pad and air filter , both of which are included in the box itself.