7 YouTube news channels to stay well informed


Some say that to be happy it is best to remain ignorant and not know anything about what is going on in the world. If you have reached this article, we are afraid that you do not agree with this motto at all. And it's not that we don't want to be happy, just that the concept we have of happiness is surely different from the creators of such phrases, worthy of a Paulo Coelho poster. If you want to be informed and YouTube is your favorite page, here we are going to propose seven YouTube news channels so that you do not lose detail about what is happening in the world.

RT News

The Spanish version of 'Russia Today' has its own news channel on YouTube, with one of the sections for its live broadcasts. News and current affairs reports from around the world can be found on the official RT channel. Also, if you have a special interest in knowing more about the Russian country, in the playlists you have related content.

Cnn in Spanish

A news channel in Spanish located in Venezuela but with international news programs . It also has a live channel to follow the broadcasts at the same time as they are taking place and thus not lose detail of the breaking news. In their playlists we have the previous news classified by origin, in addition to providing interviews, sports section, entertainment, etc.

The country

If the urgency of the news is not something that matters to you and you prefer to watch videos on an explained topic or news summaries, the official YouTube channel of one of the most important national newspapers, El País, puts that service on tray thanks to its channel. For example, we have videos in which we can see what an 'impeachment' is or follow Iñaki Gabilondo's program and his reflections.


We return to the most current news with the Euronews live channel, thanks to which you can have an overview of the state of the world through newsletters and special reports. In their playlists we can have access to news about culture, economy, music, as well as in-depth topics such as the Islamic State.

Malaga 24 hours

A national and international news channel, based in the Andalusian province. In this channel we can have newsletters 24 hours a day, in the case of a live broadcast of the TV channel of the same name . In your playlist we can have access to other newsletters from other days in case you are looking for a specific news. If you are Andalusian, this channel will have added value.

Granada Channel TV

We continue in eastern Andalusia and from Malaga we go to Granada. In its live news channel , Granada Channel, in addition to the usual news bulletins, we have historical dissemination programs, documentaries and reports on tourism, leisure, culture, sports, travel, etc.

France 24 in spanish

And we ended our tour of the seven most recommended YouTube news channels with the Spanish version of 'France 24'. It is a public television and radio broadcasting service from the neighboring country with international information in Spanish between 6 and 12 hours a day. In the following link you can see the broadcast live at any time of the day.

All these channels will help you to be informed in your day to day . Do not forget to recommend this special to others who, like you, are looking for new ways to find out and are tired of the same old news.