5 Google Photos settings worth knowing

5 Google Photos settings worth knowing

Many users are unaware that Google Photos is one of the most useful gallery applications that we can find in the Play Store application store. You have the (wrong) idea that it is a cloud storage tool. And they are right, but it is much more than that. As we say, we can use it only to see the photos we have, both on the mobile and, indeed, in the cloud. And we can also use it for much more.

In this special we have decided to show you five Google Photos settings that are worth knowing. These tools will give a new life to your photos, enriching the experience with the Google tool. And, incidentally, they will make you an expert. Are you ready to get the most out of Google Photos?

Save storage on your device

google photos saving storage

One of the most useful tips to apply in Google Photos, especially if your mobile has little internal space. Do you know that you could delete all the photos inside your mobile that you already have uploaded to the cloud automatically? You just have to enter the side menu and choose the option to delete the photos from your device. Do n't worry , even if you delete them from your phone, they will still be in the cloud , so don't worry! And remember that you have unlimited storage in the cloud ... although with certain limitations in the quality of the images.

Memories: your memories in one place

google photos memories

If you are one of those nostalgic people who do not stop seeing photos from times past, this feature of Google Photos is going to enchant you. If you want to activate it and that, every day, it shows you photos of past times, that have completed an anniversary , you must do the following. Enter the side menu and click on 'Settings'. Then, enter 'Memories'. Don't worry, you can hide people you don't want to see from your memories, for whatever reason.

Create compositions, movies and animations with your images

google photos compositions

If you have Google Photos installed on your mobile, forget about downloading more apps to create collages, or movies with your photos. With this Google tool we will be able to create compositions, movies and animations of the images we want, whether they are on our phone or if they already belong to the cloud. To do this, go to the bottom of the application and click on 'For you'. At the top we have four icons , 'Album', 'Photo book', 'Movie', 'Collage' and 'Animation' . Click on the chosen one and start developing your personal project.

Recover deleted images

google photos trash

Don't worry if you've deleted a photo without uploading it to the cloud, since the Google Photos tool has a very useful recycle bin. In the side menu we have the 'Trash' section, which is where all the images you delete will go and they will remain there after sixty days. If you want to recover them, you just have to enter the trash, select them and click on 'Restore' . In this way, no photograph will disappear from your life until a reasonable time passes.

Use smart search

Something that not many users know is that thanks to Google Photos we will be able to find the photo we want. If we are looking for a special photo that we remember, in which a dog appears on the beach, we will put 'dog' and 'beach' in the search engine. A photo of a relative? we will put your name, since thanks to facial recognition Google will know who you are. If you want to activate this recognition, in the settings you have the section 'Group similar faces'.