How to congratulate the new year 2017 by WhatsApp

2017 congratulate whatsapp

We face the last day of the year and we do not do it unemployed. Nothing is further from reality. We have a lot of tasks to finish : preparing New Year's Eve dinner , putting on a red garment, peeling the grapes and of course, sending the usual congratulations on WhatsApp . Before we used SMS, but with the WhatsApp application our range of possibilities is much wider. We can send traditional text messages, but also images and even animated GIFs to give our words a more original touch. So, today we want to collect for you a good assortment of messages and images of all kinds so that you can wish a happy year to all your friends and loved ones. Shall we start? Ready, Set, Go!

new year gif

Let's start with a simple, classic GIF . Fireworks and colors to welcome 2017 with all the joy of which we are capable. Save this GIF and send it to your contacts to brighten their night.

gif 2017

The thing is about lights. Here is a neon sign with which to illuminate the last night of the year , in the purest Tío Pepe style, but with a classic greeting to wish our contacts a Happy 2017.

happy 2017

If you are a lover of animation, like this in general, you may have to take a look at this GIF . Here you have streamers, colors, confetti and a lot of style to congratulate the new year in a much more alternative way. Do you dare with this one?

happy gif 2017

Let's continue with the garish colors, numbers, and flashing graphics. With this GIF you can wish a very psychedelic end of the year , although if you look at it for a long time, you may end up with a good sore eyes.

happy 2017 gif

And lovers of classic drawings? Well, here is another GIF that will delight cartoon lovers like Charles M. Schulz's Snoopy . It may be a bit childish for many, but we loved it. It has a naive and fun touch with which you will get your friends and family to enter the good year on the right foot.


Are you one of those who prefer jokes? In that case, you may have to take a look at these memes that we propose here. The first refers to the fateful (due to failed) chimes of Canal Sur , so if you have a friend or relative who lives in Andalusia, you can send them this meme. If you are still determined to follow the Chimes on the regional channel , it is clear that you like strong emotions ...


Are you one of those who do not miss a feast? If you are going to swell to eat tomorrow, we recommend having a packet of Almax or any other remedy that can relieve your night burns on hand . With so much champagne, pate and other delicacies, there will be no one who can resist ...

new Year

Be careful, there will always be a clueless on duty. And if he is not confused, it is that the man lives in another world. And you, do you know exactly what time the chimes are going to ring? 

chimes 2017

Whether you are going to go to Puerta del Sol to drink the grapes , or if you plan to see them from home, most likely, like every year, you will have to tell your grandmother why those little lights appear on the sundial . You already know that, like Ramón García's cape and Pedroche's transparencies, laser pointers are a classic of every year. How could they be missing?

new year meme

Let's see, where are the tired people who spend the whole year complaining on Facebook hide ? On the same site as the laser pointer owners? Well, it may. Everyone has a cousin, a brother-in-law or a friend who spends 365 days a year complaining about work, weather and any other topic that comes to mind through social networks. Of course, just when the year ends, the aforementioned is not overlooked by sharing the Facebook summary video with all his photos , or thanking him for all the good that happened in 2016. Is it possible?

memes new year 2017

We close the memes section with a catastrophic image. That of a poor man lying on a rather dubious surface (is it a roof?) And in terrible condition. More than one will wake up in this way on the first day of this year. Many of those who are going to go out to the streets tonight to give their all may not even know how to get home . Caution, as the song would say, driver friend, the path is dangerous . If you are going out and you plan to have a drink, remember to take a taxi. We want to see you come back here.

And we end up with a few text messages that you can copy and paste into your WhatsApp , although if you are one of the few who still use SMS, in this case you can also easily share them.

  • The police are looking for a beautiful, sexy, charismatic and incredibly good person in bed. You, of course, are safe, but I "... Where am I hiding? Merry Christmas and New Year 2017!
  • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You just received a hug from a distance. Happy New Year!
  • Notice to the entire population: the simulation of Peace and Love has ended. Save the prawns, insult your brothers-in-law and dissolve.
  • If they put you in a sack tonight, don't be afraid! This year I have asked you for Reyes! Happy 2017!
  • Felisa, I'm dying! What do you say? Felisa, I'm dying! Come on, don't be silly and put your teeth on. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • May you find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need in this new year. What you can't find, Google it!
  • A bottle of cava: 30 euros. A New Year's Eve party: 60 euros. A party dress: 120 euros. May I congratulate you on the year: it is priceless! Happy 2017!
  • With the crisis you have to save on the phone, so I wish you happy new year, birthday and saint. If you get sick, you get better; good Easter; If you go to the Fair, have lots of dances; that you catch good color on the beach, and just in case, Happy 2018!
  • Afala kita, amula sela, ispa tota, insupuka sula. You have just recited an Indian incantation that will keep you from making love for all of 2017. Happy and chaste New Year!
  • Friends are like the Civil Guard radars: even if you don't see them, they are always there. Happy 2017!
  • Remember that the only ones who drink and drink and drink again are the fish in the river, but you and I take points off our card. Happy 2017!
  • May the Christmas elf sketch a smile in every corner of your home, and if he doesn't, you hit him with a well-given host, for one thing you ask of him every year ”¦ Happy 2017!

And with this and a cake, you just have to go for the rest of the preparations. Choose the message, meme or GIF that you like the most and forward it to all your friends and family. Have a happy entry into the new year 2017!