A collection of 50 funny dinosaur memes to share on WhatsApp and Twitter

dinosaur memes

"Help, I'm fainting, shut up old lesbian." That's how 2018 ended and that's how 2019 has begun. Funny dinosaur memes are the order of the day. Memes with dinosaur jokes, rude dinosaur memes, dinosaur memes shut up… In short, hundreds and thousands of searches related to one of the oldest animal species on Earth. At the beginning of the year we already made a compilation of memes to welcome 2019. This time we have a compilation of the best dinosaur memes to share on WhatsApp through stickers, Twitter or Facebook .

Funny Dinosaur Memes

What could be funnier than a dinosaur with short arms. Two dinosaurs with short arms! Some memes in the form of dinosaurs, some in the form of humans, and some in the form of lesbians. We have made a collection of several of the best known on the Internet to share on WhatsApp and even through smoke signals if your browser does not support such a large number of memes.

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Dinosaur memes with jokes

They are a classic. The best jokes on the Internet have been made known through a dinosaur, or several. They are not the funniest, but at least they serve to give us a laugh (or throw the mobile out the window). We have chosen the worst . Don't kill us for it.


Rude Dinosaur Memes

What would the Internet be without the rudeness of its users. In fact, most of the dinosaur memes that we have found on Google and on the different pages of meme search engines were sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or discriminatory towards some minority group . We have chosen the least rude and this has come out for us (we apologize in advance).

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More dinosaur memes to share on WhatsApp

To fill the quota of fifty dinosaur memes, we have chosen images of all kinds without any filter. They are not the funniest, but to share them with your grandmother they work. If we cannot always resort to the video of “Help, I faint, shut up, old lesbian” or its multiple remix versions to have some dances (with our grandmother too). We do not promise not to have repeated any meme. We apologize for this.