50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook


Memes are good for everything. They even serve to find out about the social and political news, and with laughter you forget your disgust at how bad everything is. One of its best uses is to save our lives when a wild birthday appears. Even lifelong greeting cards have evolved to embrace memes with open arms. But if you are too lazy to choose a meme from among the thousands to say "Happy Birthday!" on Facebook and WhatsApp, imagine going out to buy a card . Take off, man, take off. Long live the Internet and birthday memes!

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 1

Memes help you get out of the way of compromising gifts. If you don't have time to go out and find something nice, at least send a meme . You will make your friend laugh and you will win a few days of extra time.

rum tart meme Jack Sparrow WhatsApp Facebook meets

35 happy birthday meme 84 years have passed whatsapp

44th Birthday Batman Meme Cake

"Congratulations, I made you a cake… Alfred made you a cake"

Better if the memes are of dogs and cats and funny animals. The bugs are love .

Chihuahua birthday gift meme 02

43rd Birthday Funny Animal Memes

Smile is your birthday meme Dog smile its birthday

congratulations seagull meme

Sexy sheep birthday memes whatsapp facebook

But there is no use resorting to the best memes to congratulate birthdays, if you do not remember when your friends have their birthday. Luckily there is Facebook , if not ...

birthday facebook

Birthday Zuckerberg Facebook meme

However, there are people who remember the birthdays of all their friends and family , without Facebook alerts or Google Calendar or anything. That has merit, so a meme for them, please.

Cumple meme success kid

40 Steven Tyler grandma WhatsApp Facebook meme

When it is someone's birthday, the right thing to do is to congratulate them. You have to be polite, dear friends . Nonetheless.

Birthday meme comic killer whatsapp

And what about those birthdays that are celebrated like four months later, because there's no way to get everyone together? We live in tough times folks, but stress from work is less stress when taken with humor. In addition, a late birthday can always be joined with the next. The perfect excuse to throw a party twice as fat.

Pablo Escobar meme meets birthday 02

Of course, it is not a plan to go overboard with the celebration . Having a birthday on Tuesday has a downside: that the next day is Wednesday.

24th birthday meme work WhatsApp

29 vintage meme meets WhatsApp Facebook

Funny memes to celebrate birthday with optimism

There is always someone who does not take too well the birthday . Here are a few funny memes to dedicate to those pouting friends we all have. The penalties with meme are less penalties.

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 2

crazy cat meme birthday congratulations

Grumpy Cat meme birthday birthday Whatsapp

Meme turn 40 WhatsApp Facebook

Happy birthday meme song

45th Birthday Bob Ross Meme

As the years go by, time seems to run faster .

31 day of the groundhog meme meets WhatsApp Facebook

But you have to take things with joy, man. That we are here to have fun .

32 vintage meme meets WhatsApp Facebook

"Hello! If you! The old!"

And if a funny meme can't take away the problem of being too old, there are alternatives .

30 vintage meme meets WhatsApp Facebook

Although, to be honest, sometimes you don't even have to have a birthday.

Meme birthday toast whatsapp Facebook

46 Funny Memes Celebrate Birthday Facebook WhatsApp Beer

If you want to make blood on a birthday, turn to memes

It is convenient to take care of what is said to those people who are not quite their age. But sending funny memes on Facebook or WhatsApp is the solution on such a birthday. The offense will be the same, but what are you laughing at!

25 Skeptical baby meme whatsapp

Meme meets happy camel WhatsApp

39 meet is joy my balls meme

"The more the merrier, my balls"

28 Welcome to the Middle Ages meme meets WhatsApp Facebook

There are also a lot of people who don't mind having a birthday . After all, life is too short to be pissed off about something all the time. Send this meme to your WhatsApp and Facebook contacts for their birthday. Let them stop bagpipes and enjoy!

37 Meme the older you are Whatsapp Facebook

38 Meme turn off candles WhatsApp Facebook

"Voucher! Light the candles! "

Meme meets the older you are, the better banana

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 3

48 birthday meme is good WhatsApp Facebook

What's more, there are people who can't help but tell everyone that it's their birthday. We always like to be congratulated, no matter who does it. Sometimes the human being is a bit vain . But it's okay to be, huh? You have to love yourself, man! That we don't always have our grandmothers around to tell us how beautiful we are.

34 vintage meme illusion meets WhatsApp Facebook

But there are also people who do not know where to go when they are surrounded by their friends chanting “Happy Birthday”. And more when it happens in a public place. It is also a song that is never, never, never sung well . Since the thing is to celebrate, nobody cares about singing with the correct pitch. Until you notice. And you realize the horrible truth.

42 they sing you happy birthday you don't know what face to make Meme

And well, there are always those who are wrong with the number of years we serve. Not to mention, the truth is usually worse .

meme birthday birthday candles cake WhatsApp Facebook

In addition, the number of years that fall on you does not matter too much. If you think about it, the one who comes out worse off on a birthday is not you .

comic birthday whatsapp facebook

Other people celebrate their birthdays by reflecting on what they have accomplished so far, and what remains to be done. But as the balance turns out negative ...

Meme comic meets facebook whatsapp depression

On the other hand, from Tuexperto we want to show solidarity with those who have a birthday at the end of December or the beginning of January . What a chore. We are with you, friends.

50 Meme birthday December expectation I am your gift

But the important thing is to maintain the illusion. May birthday not turn off our inner child!

33 vintage meme illusion meets WhatsApp Facebook

51 birthday meme WhatsApp Facebook birthday feels great

Life takes us to completely unexpected places. Who was going to say to you and your fellow students that you would end up scattered all over the world! But a funny meme at the right time helps the friendship last .

Stevie Wonder meme birthday birthday WhatsApp Facebook

Not only people have years. Also brands, companies, web pages (like Tuexperto last May 1, my goodness, 12 years already), and so on. And you have to remember them too , man.

Birthday Meme Cake Ikea

Let's not forget about GIFs, because they are the natural evolution of memes. But if you can't find a GIF that you like, you can create it yourself. And to run.

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 4

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 5

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 6

50 funny memes to celebrate birthday on WhatsApp or Facebook 7

Finally, remember that memes help to face everything with another perspective. A smile always comes in handy, especially since it is a good way to disguise that you are planning your revenge. Happy Birthday!

Chihuahua birthday meme 02