The reggaeton of Podemos, Rivera's dog and other Elections memes

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The day prior to the elections is being more intense than it seemed at first. Far from exposing the different solutions to the problems that Spain is going through, political leaders increasingly choose to attract attention with videos, memes, songs and tweets on their respective social networks . An example of this is the reggaeton of Podemos or the Lucas dog of Ciudadanos.

To this are added the phrases that the different candidates have uttered in the TVE electoral debate held last night, such as Pablo Iglesias' "blowjob" or the Health savings data provided by Abascal in relation to attendance at immigrants.

Albert Rivera and the dog Lucas

It is not the first time that a politician uses an animal to promote his electoral campaign. Mayor Joe Quimby of the Simpsons already practiced this publicity stunt more than 20 years ago.


The different memes of the dog and the phrase "smells like milk" pronounced by Rivera himself has not taken long to be the object of derision by several thousand users on Instagram and Twitter.

This is Lucas.

My ultimate weapon.

It smells like milk.

To powdered

- Gio (@CulmaduMariaSER) November 3, 2019

United We Can and its reggaeton and rock song

The Pablo Iglesias group has chosen to publish two songs in campaign with totally opposite styles, ranging from the most critical reggaeton towards the rest of the parties to the most demanding rock. 'Pedro does not sleep peacefully' and 'It can' are the titles of the two songs of the purple formation.

Albert Rivera and the Amazon tile

The candidate for the presidency by Ciudadanos yesterday granted one of the most stellar moments of Spanish television showing a tile in the streets of Barcelona to "make the Catalan problem known to the rest of Spaniards."

DIRECT #DebateElectoral // Rivera takes out a broken tile to expose the problems in Catalonia: "It is not a souvenir of the Berlin wall, it is a cobblestone from the streets of my city, of Barcelona" # 10N pic.twitter .com / MZsaWhvil8

- EL PAÍS (@el_pais) November 4, 2019

Later it has been discovered that the tile is available on Amazon for the modest price of 30 euros with free delivery through Amazon Prime.

Rivera has bought the tile on Amazon and has broken it. It gives me something. #ElectoralDebate

- Ramón Valls (@ravallho) November 4, 2019

Albert Rivera leaving at 3 in the morning with an ice ax to remove a tile from his neighbor's yard while Malu holds the flashlight of his mobile

- paula ✴️ (@ifusayso__) November 4, 2019

Did someone say "blowjob"? Yes, Pablo Iglesias

We cannot ignore what was probably the most emblematic moment of last night. During Pablo Iglesias' speech about the problem of gender violence in Spain, the Madrid candidate confused the word “herds” with “blowjobs” to refer to the different groups that have emerged after the La Manada case went viral.

Pablo Iglesias says blowjob

- elon (@offensiveprank) November 4, 2019

The memes have not taken long to appear on Twitter:

The translator of the debate of Pablo Iglesias for the USA #blowjobs

- Spoonlight (@jrosoneri) November 4, 2019


- Ana Gómez (@anagomeez_) November 4, 2019

VOX and the largest Spanish flag in the world

It is not as big as a soccer field but almost. Unfolded during the weekend in Santander, the meme flag on Twitter has more than 1,000 square meters in diameter and 178 kilograms in weight . To deploy it, more than 230 volunteers have been needed.

largest spanish flag vox

Santiago Abascal: autonomies must be suspended

During the debate last night, the candidate of the far-right formation emphasized VOX's proposal to suspend the autonomies to unite political power in the central government. On Thursday, the oldest satirical magazine in Spain, it did not take long to make the meme of the night with the candidate's statements.

Abascal proposes to outlaw electric cars 'because they have autonomy' .//

- On Thursday (@eljueves) November 5, 2019

More memes of the Elections of the 10N

There are many memes that have left us both the electoral debate and the day before the elections. Here we leave you with a few to liven up the evening.

When I go to class because they are going to take roll and in the end they don't pass it

- Properly Hydrated Xexu (@xexu_fernandez) November 5, 2019

In case you missed the # DebateElectoral # debatea5RTVE # ElDebate4N # 10N # Elecciones10N #DebateARV

here's a brief summary

- MariPili #YesaNo (@ PILI93s) November 4, 2019

Albert Rivera goes to the debate # ElDebate4N

- Júlia (@xuyeta) November 5, 2019

Errejón bets on the gamer vote 😍 what a shame that they are 14 years old and cannot vote for him 😔 //

- little alvarito (@new_al) November 5, 2019