Buyylo, this is the Amazon of products made in Spain

Buyylo, this is the Amazon of products made in Spain

Shopping habits have changed dramatically. From neighborhood stores, we went to hypermarkets and, from these, to large shopping centers. Emporiums that concentrated dozens of shops of all kinds, as well as places of leisure and recreation with which to spend the day and have you completely hooked. Then, with the emergence of online stores, it was no longer necessary to move from home. Shopping online, including basic products, is now the order of the day.

Amazon is king. That is indisputable. Many, not without reason, speak out against these emporiums. And since we are not here to enter into debates, we tell you that in Spain we have not stood idly by. No, at least, until now. A couple of entrepreneurs want to face the eCommerce giant with their own online store. Of course, of products entirely manufactured in Spain.

Buyylo, this is the Amazon of products made in Spain 1

Buyylo, 100% Spanish products and 100% made in Spain

Buyylo is the name of the project that Carlos García and Emilio Muñoz have just undertaken , an online store in which exclusively Spanish brands can place their products and sell them, in order to promote local consumption, compared to foreign brands. Furthermore, Buyylo items are manufactured in Spain, so you can be sure that you are participating, with your purchase, in a project that represents a notorious injection into our economy.

In addition, this new Spanish startup does not want to stay between our borders. Buyylo aspires to become the start of a project that will serve as a benchmark in other cities: open branches in France, Italy or Germany. Each country would offer its own products, manufactured locally, in order to continue encouraging national consumption.

For now, this new online store, which wants to compete with Amazon, has launched with 1,500 products spread over 21 brands . We can find sportswear, footwear, household products, stationery, even a great variety of gins, all of them of Spanish origin. Among the different brands that we can find: Sibari, Drfish, El Jardín de Noa or Pielfort.