Sony Ericsson txt pro, in-depth analysis


The new Sony Ericsson txt pro is one of those phones specially dedicated to social networks . In fact, the Swedish-Japanese firm Sony Ericsson has just launched a couple of devices that will delight the youngest, but also those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a touch device. The first, known as Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman , a phone that will allow us to play music at all hours. In fact, it has a design very similar to the typical MP3 and MP4 players that Sony has released in recent years . But there is more.

The second device that has been unveiled is the Sony Ericsson txt pro , a mobile phone that stands out for having a QWERTY keyboard , combined with a touch screen, which will be great when it comes to responding to email , exchanging messages instant and share content through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter . Here's a detailed review of the new Sony Ericsson txt pro with photos and opinions .


Design and display

The Sony Ericsson txt pro measures 93 x 52 x 18 millimeters and weighs 100 grams . The truth is that it is a particularly light mobile phone , although it weighs a little more than its Mix Walkman companion , in part by incorporating a QWERTY keyboard . In fact, you will see that besides being a little wider and longer, the device has a thickness up to 18 mm . Regarding the design, you will see that the device has metallic finishes, with front covers in three colors: silver, black and fuchsia , to choose depending on the tastes of each user.

As you know, the phone stands out for having a touch screen three inches with a maximum resolution of 400 x 240 pixels . Obviously, a capacitive TFT touch panel with a depth of 262,144 colors is drawn . On this occasion, the Sony Ericsson firm has wanted to incorporate a high-quality anti-scratch mineral glass , which will avoid (as far as possible) destroying the screen with scratches or accidental bumps .



The new Sony Ericsson terminal is not particularly adept at connectivity . According to its technical sheet, the Sony Ericsson txt pro operates on GSM GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 networks . In this sense, it must be said that the phone is not capable of connecting to 3G networks , so that our access to The Internet will be much slower and more tedious than we could imagine on a device that has just appeared on the scene. On the other hand, users of this terminal will be able to access Wi-Fi wireless networks , since the terminal arrives perfectly equipped in this regard.

This means that we will have the opportunity to access the Internet in the library , the restaurant or on the bus, as long as we find available , open or even protected wireless networks , so that we can enjoy the Internet connection through the mobile without problem any and with guarantees. The device also incorporates Bluetooth , which will help us to transfer files and data through other devices using the same technology, in addition to taking advantage of all the functions that the phone presents and that require this function. Unfortunately the Sony Ericsson txt pro does not have GPS, so we will not be able to use the device as a browser.


And now we go for external connectivity . The phone has an output of 3.5 mm to connect headphones or speakers, which will be very useful if we want to amplify the music phone in any room or terrace. The Sony Ericsson txt pro also features Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 support for transferring files and even charging the phone's battery , without the need to connect the phone to the traditional power charger . Another interesting issue has to do with the microSD card slot , which will allow us to expand thephone memory up to 32GB , which is the maximum storage capacity this device can have.

On the other hand, you should know that the Sony Ericsson txt pro is a phone specially designed for those who want to stay connected to social networks. For this reason, the device comes with a Facebook application and a Twitter application pre - installed as standard, so that users can connect in the most agile and simple way possible to their favorite social networks. In turn, they will have the option to connect to the Google search engine and use Obigo Q7 as a native browser.


Photographic and multimedia camera

With respect to the camera, we must say that the sensor does not reach the 3.2 megapixel camera . In fact, this is one of the main drawbacks when it comes to taking into account the technical data sheet in all its weight. And it is that the snapshots that we can take will never be of great quality. The truth is that despite everything, users will be able to send their favorite images over the Internet , in addition to recording video, even if it is in a more or less basic quality .

On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson txt pro will function as a fairly advanced media player. In fact, it incorporates its own Sony Ericsson player, as well as different applications especially dedicated to playback. The phone has stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) , useful for transmitting songs via streaming to a radio channel, Media Player, PlayNow Service and even TrackID , an application best known for identifying songs quickly and easily.


Memory and operating system

The memory of the device is certainly scarce. In fact, according to its technical sheet, this phone barely has 100 MB of internal storage . As you understand, most users will need a little (or a lot) additional space, so it is best to expand the memory through microSD cards . As indicated by the firm, you can use cards with a capacity of up to 32GB . With this amount of data you can store several thousand songs , as well as videos or images.

And we are going for one of the most notorious inconveniences of this phone and the one that has been presented with it. We refer to the fact that the Sony Ericsson txt pro does not incorporate Android as an operating system , a platform that Sony Ericsson has injected into most high-end and mid-range smartphones. In any case, for the occasion the firm has selected the popular home screen of the four corners , the same one that will give us direct access to Facebook and Twitter , to the agenda or to the multimedia functions of the terminal. As you can imagine, these functions are customizable according to the needs of each user. So easy and operational.


Autonomy and availability

The firm has not offered real data about the capacity of the device . In any case, we know that the Sony Ericsson txt pro will have the capacity to support up to 5 hours and 10 minutes of conversation and 400 hours of standby , operating in GSM / GPRS mode . In this sense, it is also convenient for the user to carry out the corresponding durability tests , since the autonomy may vary depending on the use that we are going to give it and if we frequently play music.

And what about availability? Well, according to Sony Ericsson, the forecast is that the Sony Ericsson txt pro will go on stage during the third quarter of this year 2011. This means that during these summer months the device could be put on sale , although the price of output in its free format and if it will be available through operators in our country . We will be attentive to any information to give it to you at the minute. You should know, finally, that the Sony Ericsson txt pro will be available in white, pink and black .