How is the experience of using a Xiaomi activity bracelet

How is the experience of using a Xiaomi activity bracelet

Activity bracelets have become fashionable . There are countless applications on the mobile with which we can monitor our daily movements, whether we are doing sports or if we are more sedentary; whether we are sleepy or have insomnia; whether we go from the diet or if we have put ourselves to a strict regime.

Activity bracelets are usually more accurate. In the sense that they can measure parameters through our wrist, such as pulsations. In addition, we take them anywhere. It is difficult - although probable - that you take your mobile with you everywhere, but ... what if you forget it?

With the bracelet you can move and have much more precise measurements. Especially if you go for a run or do some lengths in the pool. It's a good way to have everything controlled and recorded. Because in addition, these are connected to an application on the mobile, which gives us a much more detailed relationship of all our performance.

But the activity bracelets are not within reach of all pockets. Many people may not be willing to spend the more than $ 200 that a Garmin Approach X40 can cost. Luckily, there are low-cost alternatives that meet the budget and needs of a good number of users well.

One of the best-selling bracelets is, without a doubt, the Xiaomi Mi Band. Its price does not exceed 25 euros in any store , so it is one of the most helpful options. We have tested how it works and we are going to tell you about the experience.

xiaomi band bracelet

What is the Xiaomi Band and who is it aimed at?

The Xiaomi Band is an activity bracelet developed and marketed by the Chinese company Xiaomi. As you know (and if we don't tell you), this manufacturer, in addition to selling mobiles, is dedicated to creating other products, such as activity bracelets, electric scooters and even toothbrushes.

The Xiaomi Band is especially recommended for people who for one reason or another want to have a little more defined control over their physical activity, their heart rate or the quality of sleep . Because the bracelet allows you to measure these three basic parameters, registering them through Bluetooth in a Xiaomi application.

With the tool installed on the mobile, users can control their activity in a more detailed way, knowing, for example, the type of activity (from less to more intense), the number of steps performed during the day , or an hourly analysis after an hour of sleep.

But beware, this Xiaomi Band is not a bracelet only aimed at those who have some kind of concern about their physical condition or about the activity they perform. This device will be really useful and beneficial for those who do not intend to spend too much on the purchase of this new gadget and who at the same time, seek quality and reliability. It can be a good bracelet to start in the world of wearables, to later move on to a bracelet with more features.

It is also ideal for older people who want to get a little active, because through the curious game of counting steps, they may be encouraged to set new challenges and flee from a sedentary lifestyle , so harmful for everyone: older and not so old.

box xiaomi band

What will we find in the Xiaomi Band package?

If you approach a large area, the price may make you distrust the bracelet, but the truth is that we cannot give you a compelling reason not to trust it. Nothing is further from reality. In fact, many users wear it and use it on a daily basis , whether or not they are technology experts. And this is one of its main advantages: ease of use.


What you will take home is a small white box. Surely you have not been able to choose a color, because in principle the bracelet is only available in black . Of course, if you prefer to use it in another color, you can also purchase colored casings separately. On the Internet you will find many models and they are not exactly expensive. Just try to choose a model that is compatible and go.

content xiaomi band

What you will find in the box is the following: the Xiaomi Mi Band device itself, the strap (in black) and the USB cable with the base to charge the device. You also have a small booklet with instructions, which will help you to know the bracelet and consult any questions you have about its operation.

As soon as you take it out of the box, you will have to charge it. And with that you can start using it. The battery lasts a long time, so depending on your activity, you probably won't have to charge it for two to three weeks. This is super practical.

mifit application

Xiaomi Mi Band configuration

When the battery is charged (you will see the percentage on the screen), you will only have to mount the bracelet and adjust it to your arm: it has a series of holes with which you can adapt it very well to your wrist . And you will also have to download an application. It's My Fit and you have it available for both iOS and Android.

At this point you will have to register with your data and indicate some important parameters such as age, weight or height. From there, you will have to set daily goals. You can be advised by the WHO recommendations, included in the same app, which to begin with, set the activity that a healthy adult should perform at 8,000 steps .

You will have to synchronize the bracelet through the Bluetooth connection (remember to activate it on your mobile) and then begin to lead a normal life. The information about your sports performance and your daily activity will be continuously recorded in the application. Also information about sleep. This will allow you to know how you rest, the percentage of deep and light sleep, as well as the awakenings you have had during the night.

Finally, you will have the option to access statistics . This way you will know what your activity level is compared to other people or how well you sleep, if you compare your sleep with that of other users of the bracelet.

Xiaomi Band


We are facing a good bracelet, to begin with, that will be liked by users who have not tried one yet and who want to enter this world of activity monitoring, but without spending a fortune trying. For basic measurements, the Xiaomi Mi Band is more than enough , because it offers you the calculation of basic parameters such as steps, meters traveled, calories burned and heart rate.

If you need to upgrade and you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated bracelet, it is clear that you will have to go to other models. But we already guarantee that with the Xiaomi Mi Band you will miss few things . And it is that in addition to all the indicated functions, you can also receive activity alerts (if you are sitting too long), warnings of elevated heart rate, rhythm alerts (in case you go very slowly, when running), label actions ( skipping, running, sit-ups, walking, standing, stair climbing, cycling, driving, transport, basketball, badminton, ping pong, sitting, eating, sleeping, bathing, brushing teeth ...), receiving call notifications or synchronizing the alarm clock.