Doogee Smart Cube P1, a mini projector with Rubik's cube design

Doodgee P1

If you are a fan of Rubik's cubes, the Doogee Smart Cube P1 will become one of those devices that you will definitely want to add to your collection. Its design has been inspired by the Rubik's cube, with which it will be the feeling wherever you put it.

The idea comes from the mobile device manufacturer Doogee, which has wanted to launch a projector with a design that makes it irresistible for all those who have spent hours and hours facing the Rubik's cube.

But we are not only talking about design, we are also talking about a smart projector that is also the smallest in the world with an Android system . In other words, we will have a projector with an integrated battery that we can transport with us wherever we go.

Doogee Smart Cube P1, the smallest projector in the world

This Smart Cube P1 is presented as a small cube, measuring 62 millimeters on each side and also has a weight that makes it very easy to transport, a total of 290 grams . So with it we can have a projector in a meeting, both at work and with friends, in addition to enjoying it at home, whether in the living room, in the room or in the bedroom.

Doodgee P1

In addition to projecting in HD quality , this Smart Cube P1 manages to reach 100 inches in terms of its projected image, and has good sound thanks to the speaker box, which can be connected to an external device thanks to Bluetooth .

To make the experience even more complete, it comes with a 4,800 mAh polymer battery that will make us forget to look for a plug for about three hours. And if you need it, we will have a USB port and a micro USB to charge it . And that's not all, if it is full of battery and our mobile phone or mp3 needs to be charged, the P1 can also be used as if it were a power bank . An all terrain.

On the other hand, we have several options to transmit the data wirelessly. From DLNA / Miracast / Air, Play / Bluetooth, as connectivity with smartphones, tablets and also laptops. It has WiFi to surf the Internet, but allows it to be used as a WiFi Hotspot for mobiles.

Another of its characteristics is that it can be used with all Office suite solutions, which also makes it an interesting option for our work or study hours.

To prevent this device from heating up, Doogee has decided to cool its Rubik's cube made projector with graphite-based technology and a silent 40x40x6.9 mm fan . It also has modern lighting solutions for OSRAM LEDs , and adopts projection systems for large surfaces. And it is that its 70 lumens of brightness and 30,000 hours of useful life raise the note to this device.

Finally, the brand has also wanted to think about our health. This is how P1 has a radiation emission close to zero. Also providing us with solutions to reduce eye fatigue.

This projector is available in white and color, and is already available in Spain. Its price is 150 euros.