We tested Fortnite for Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We tested Fortnite for Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 1

Fortnite and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Relationship by interest or well-matched marriage? Just a few days ago, Samsung presented its star terminal for the second part of the year, and it did so with an agreement under the arm that has made a lot of noise. Samsung mobiles from the Galaxy S7 are the first in which you can test the beta of Fornite for Android . And of course, probably the best smartphone to enjoy this game is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Because of its power, its screen size (6.4 inches, halfway to a tablet) and the quality of the Super AMOLED panel.

Be that as it may, we wanted to see it first hand as soon as we got a Note 9. These are my impressions after trying Fornite on the Note 9. Are you going to play this popular game on mobile?

Fortnite home screen

The first contact with the game is slow and can be a bit exasperating until it loads

The beginnings were never easy

The first thing to remember is that Epic Games has decided to leave Fortnite out of the Play Store. The reason, as expected, is economic. They do not want to pay the percentage on the profits that Google takes. Therefore, it must be downloaded from outside of this platform. As part of its agreement with the creators of Fortnite, the game does appear within the Samsung application portal (Galaxy Apps).

The installation file is lightweight, but as is often the case in these cases it is just the beginning. Once you start to install it, download the files necessary for the game, which come close to 2 GB. It is not much space for the memory of the Note 9, but in other mobiles it does have to be taken into account. The problem is that after this installation the game begins to "optimize the game". And it takes a long time, in a process that reminds me a lot of Windows installations.

We tested Fortnite for Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2

In fact, I started to worry that this game loading was just as slow every time, but the good news is that after the first process the loading times are quite reasonable (about a minute). You will probably tell me that it is a lot for a mobile game, but you have to take into account what Fortnite moves graphically.

A seamless experience at all times

And speaking of the graphical load of Fornite, I had my doubts about the ability of Epic Games to bring the game to mobile platforms without losing quality -maintaining fluidity-. And the truth is that they disappeared immediately. The fluidity of the game is constant and at no time have I suffered a LAG or drop in performance. It must be said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a true beast in power. One of the best mobiles with which you can play not this one, but any game in the Android universe.


Both the sudden movements of the scope and those of the character himself along the map are just as fine as in the console or PC version.

In addition, after a few games the experience with the servers and in general the operation of the game has been very satisfactory. Only once did he get stuck when it was time to return to the main room. In that case, it was necessary to restart Fortnite for it to work correctly. But the rest of the time there has been no problem.

Controls on mobile

And what about the controls? The truth ahead. It still seems to me that the console version and, above all, for the computer, is superior in terms of playability. Above all for a practical matter when it comes to aiming and reaching all the controls, which on mobile is somewhat slower (and this is a key issue in a game as fast and accurate as Fortnite). But the work that has been done to adapt the experience to mobile seems spectacular.

We tested Fortnite for Android on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 3

At the beginning of the game you have three different options to carry out the shot . The default recommended option is to perform automatic shots when targeting an opponent. This is the easiest way to enjoy Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without having an added difficulty. However, it may be a little lacking for gamers who want a more authentic experience. In that case, the most interesting modes are to touch anywhere on the screen (outside of the touch buttons of the game, it is understood) or press on a specific fire button.

note 9 fortnite

Fortnite combat controls

Inside the game you have a wheel to press on the left side that allows you to move in all directions. If you drag it further you will start running. The scope moves when you drag your finger on the screen so you can aim at enemies or look around you. On the right side of the screen we have touch buttons for shooting, aiming, crouching and jumping.

The weapons panel is displayed at the bottom center , with a reload button just above it. On your right you have a button to open the construction panel.

note 9 fortnite

Fortnite building mode controls

The truth is that without being a great expert in the world of Fortnite, it is quite easy to get the basic controls in a short time, both to fight and to build. Another thing is the issue of targeting enemies and surviving them. The advantage that Fortnite offers us is that the tactile sensitivity of the sight can be adjusted so that the movement is as natural as possible for us. Of course, even so, it seems to me that it requires a few games to begin to master this point. If you have played similar mobile games, this adaptation time will be less.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the perfect mobile for Fortnite?

The Note 9 has everything to be the "bedside mobile" for fans of Fornite. Starting with its screen, a panel that occupies nothing more and nothing less than 6.4 inches. It is true that this format can be too large if you have small hands when playing, but if this is not a problem it allows you to see the game as if you were holding a small portable console. In addition, it is a Super AMOLED panel, a technology that achieves a higher brightness level than LCD screens . The colors are also more saturated, giving a more spectacular point to the experience. That is not to everyone's liking, but in the specific case of Fortnite for its own commitment to the colorful house very well.

Nothing to say about power, as it is simply what the game needs. Like I said before, I have not suffered from LAG at any time and all movements have been fluid. A delight. In addition, the Note 9 has a good battery that has allowed me to play Fornite for several hours without draining it. It is not one of the most outstanding in this section, but it more than delivers.

galaxy note 9 map