Be careful with this offer: Lenovo laptop with SSD for only 200 euros

Be careful with this offer: Lenovo laptop with SSD for only 200 euros 1

Finding laptops that do not exceed the psychological barrier of 200 euros is something little less than impossible, at least today. In isolation, however, certain offers arise that place these devices below the mentioned amount. This is the case of the Lenovo S145, a 15-inch laptop whose 15IWL variant can be found for 199 euros . Its official price, by the way, is placed at 280 euros. The discount obtained, therefore, is no less than 80 euros, a 35% discount to be more exact.

Lenovo S145-15IWL: without operating system but with SSD for less than 200 euros

Lenovo's bet on the low-end notebook comes with a 15.6-inch screen, LED technology and HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels). The most remarkable thing about the notebook is, however, the presence of a 128 GB capacity SSD , which will help to make the operation of the system more fluid.

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Speaking of the system, the computer lacks its own operating system, the main reason for its price. We can choose to buy a Windows license on eBay for less than 10 euros or install a Linux distribution. The possibilities are endless.

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As for the rest of the equipment's features, the Lenovo laptop has 4 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2133 MHz frequency along with an Intel Celeron 4205U processor and an integrated Intel HD 610 graphics . We must bear in mind that this processor is oriented solely and exclusively to office automation tasks, web browsing, multimedia reproduction and execution of basic programs. No games or heavy software, such as Adobe After Effects.

Finally, it should be noted the capacity of its battery, 30 Wh. The estimated autonomy is 5 hours if we make light use of the laptop. The weight of the whole set is another of the great advantages: only 1.85 kilograms.

All for a price of 199 euros on Amazon . Sold and distributed through the company itself, the product is compatible with Amazon's Prime subscription. Of course, the equipment has a two-year warranty provided by the manufacturer itself and Amazon.

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