Bose AE2w, wireless Bluetooth headphones

bose ae2w

The Bose AE2w are the first wireless headphones of the American brand. The idea is that the user can detach himself from the cables, but still enjoy full and natural sound with music and movies. It is a quite comfortable supraaricular design , thanks to some memory foam pads, soft and adaptable to the ears. The weight rests on the headband, which is padded and adjustable. Anyway, they are quite light as they weigh 150 grams . They are headphones designed to be able to take them out of the house and take them on a trip; The shells can be folded to take up less space during transfers.

Transmission of audio is done via Bluetooth , thanks to a removable module . The Bluetooth module is placed in the left ear cup, and includes a rechargeable battery. The autonomy is about seven hours of play and over two hundred hours standby. The Bluetooth module has a USB port, which is used to recharge the battery, an operation that requires three hours to achieve a full charge. They are compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and any other device with Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP profile onwards. The great advantage is they can maintain the connection withtwo Bluetooth devices simultaneously , for example to be able to answer a call on the smartphone, while watching a movie on the tablet. Of course, the maximum range covers a radius of nine meters .

bose ae2w

The Bluetooth module has an LED indicator that shows the battery charge level and connection status. In addition, there are two buttons for adjusting the volume, a switch and a multi-function button. Likewise, it integrates a microphone, which is what makes it possible for them to function as hands-free to answer phone calls. Every time a call comes in, the headphones pause music playback. Then when the call is over, they go back to music. Another interesting use is the possibility of using it to control voice recognition applicationsfor smartphones or tablets, such as the Siri voice assistant or Google searches. The method to pair the mobile with these headphones is simple. You just have to press and hold the volume up buttons and the multifunction button at the same time, and then select the AE2W from the list of Bluetooth devices that appears on the phone.

Either way, these Bose headphones aren't useless when the Bluetooth battery runs out; just remove the Bluetooth module and connect the supplied audio cable instead to continue listening to music; which measures 1.67 meters. Thanks to the TriPort technology , developed by the manufacturer itself, the sound is balanced throughout the entire frequency range. Finally, inside the package is a lightweight carrying case and a USB cable. The retail price of the Bose AE2w wireless headphones is € 250.