Here's what YouTube pays for a million views in 2020

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YouTube is the mother of all audiovisual creation platforms. Although content creators are gradually migrating to other alternatives such as Twitch or even Facebook Gaming, the truth is that it is still the most used.

The reason for this migration is due, in part, to YouTube's monetization policies. Apparently, Google is tightening its controls when it comes to detecting content protected by copyright. To this is added the decrease in the amount invested by advertisers, which translates into a reduction in income from the creators of the platform. Faced with such a panorama, the doubt is planted: how much does YouTube pay for a million visits? Let's see what the data says.

When YouTube pays more for a 100,000 video than a million video: here's why

So is. YouTube, like the rest of the platforms with advertisers, does not quote the content proportionally to the amount of visits of a certain video or set of videos. This amount varies depending on the type of content. What does this variation depend on?

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In general, if the content of the video corresponds to an easily monetizable theme, the CPC (cost per click in advertising space) will be much higher , and therefore, the amount invested by advertisers. It should be clarified, however, that the value used on YouTube is the CPM , which we will talk about later.

Among the most sought-after topics we find products and services that may vary depending on the time of year: consumer technology, streaming services, musical instruments, hosting and domain services, sports supplementation, spare parts for cars and vehicles in general. , skin care products ... If, on the contrary, we build a type of content whose subject matter is not of interest to advertisers (conspiracy theories, gossip, news of little interest ...), the normal thing is that the CPC is much more lower than the rest indicated themes.

The other variant that is introduced into the YouTube equation has to do precisely with the time of year. Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the times of the year when the CPC reaches its highest point, which translates into greater monetization of the content published within these dates. We are talking about the fact that the figures can double the amount invested by advertisers within this period compared to the rest of the dates.

How to know which topic has the highest CPC within YouTube

To date, there is no tool that can help us calculate the CPC within YouTube. There is, however, a whole compendium of online programs and applications that allow us to know the CPC of the advertising spaces on the web . Spaces such as those we can find in any news portal, forum or website in general.

Some of these tools are Ahrefs, Mangools, SEMrush ... Unfortunately, most of these are paid. The one we will use in this example will be Mangools.

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Two examples: OLED TVs and headphones. The results that Mangools gives us are illuminating: while the first search term is much better priced (almost $ 2 per click), the second does not exceed $ 0.30 .

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The conclusion when creating content is clear: talking about televisions will bring us a much greater benefit, a benefit that can triple the benefit obtained if we deal with the second intention of search . We must bear in mind that this quote refers to keywords that are not auctioned on YouTube, so the price may vary to a greater or lesser extent. Another aspect that we must take into account is the CPM, or cost per thousand impressions.

On YouTube, this value refers to the cost of a certain advertising space in thousand impressions , that is, a thousand views of that same space, not a thousand views in use. The CPM is the value that determines the income that we will obtain per video, and it will be the value that we will use from now on.

So how much does YouTube pay for a million views in 2020?

Starting from the previous base, calculating the CPM of a video is something that today cannot be determined in advance. To set a cost we would have to refer to the statistics that our YouTube channel gives us in relation to the rest of the videos. We can discover this data in the Analytics section.

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The data that the statistics give us are interesting. The video with the highest CPM has an average value of no less than 8.58 euros. It would be enough to multiply this value by 1,000 (1,000,000 by 1,000 is equal to 1,000) to know the amount that YouTube would pay us for a million views. We anticipate that they are not 8,500 euros .

Like any listed security, this amount varies not only depending on the time of year, but also on the interest on the part of the advertiser. Most of these values ​​have increased their price in the last period precisely due to Christmas. The normal thing is that the CPM is much lower, between 1, 2 or 4. We could say that the final amount varies between 600 and 1,200 euros . At higher CPMs this amount can double or triple, while at lower CPMs it can be reduced to a few hundred euros.

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Proof of this is the well-known youtuber Wismichu. In 2017, the Galician published the statistics of a video with more than 2 million visits that did not exceed 100 euros in revenue from advertisers .


In contrast to Wismichu, we find Romuald Fons, a well-known SEO who recently boasted of achieving an average of 1,000 euros per month with only 100,000 subscribers and videos that in no case exceed one million visits, with some exceptions.