Back to school, more than 100 schedules tables and templates to print

Back to school 2018, more than 100 schedules tables and templates to print

If there is something that goes hand in hand with going back to school, it is the organization. Without organization there is no successful return, so at this point, you should get down to work as soon as possible to synchronize your children's school schedules with yours and, logically, those of all the extracurricular activities that you have planned. do.

But beware, not only the little ones need organization. It is also good for older people to be clear about what we have to do every day , what are the activities we have signed up for or what we have to cook every day. The truth is that organizing our sessions is not easy, so we have thought that a few templates and schedules can be useful (for you and yours) to download and print for free on your home printer.

If you want to organize yourself and you don't really know how, don't think twice. Here you have a lot of cool templates. That you enjoy them and, above all, that you find them useful.

weekly schedule

Timetable templates to edit in Word

In the event that you plan to edit your schedules through Word, you can create the template yourself through the Microsoft program. The truth is that you just have to create a simple table and then modify it to your liking, with the colors and sizes of rows and columns that you need . But you have another simpler option, which is to directly download ready-made templates, which you can also customize later.

There are many pages on the Internet from which you can download different types of schedules. These we would especially recommend for work. They are useful calendars for organizing work weeks or even shifts for a team. The WinCalendar ones are available in different modalities, times and days. Each of the versions is also ready to download in portrait and landscape .

  • Week Hours (8 am - 6 pm, Sunday to Saturday, Vertical)
  • Week Hours (8 am - 6 pm, Sunday to Saturday, Horizontal)
  • Week Hours (24 hours, from Sunday to Saturday, Vertical)
  • Week Hours (24 hours, from Sunday to Saturday, Horizontal)
  • Week Hours (8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Sunday, Vertical)
  • Week Hours (8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Sunday, Horizontal)
  • Week Schedule (24 hours, from Monday to Sunday, Vertical)
  • Week Hours (24 hours, Monday to Sunday, Horizontal)

As you can see, you can choose different options, depending on whether you need a Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday calendar, which would be ideal for most people. The 8 to 18 hour templates can be very useful for anyone who wants to organize their work or study day. On the other hand, those that include 24 hours, can come in handy to those who need to organize the schedules of different people or work teams that work in shifts.

All these templates are in Word format, so if you have the Microsoft program installed on your computer, you will have the opportunity to open these templates without problems, modify them and customize them to your liking.

If you only need templates from Monday to Friday, ideal for those people who only work five days a week on a fixed basis or for students who only attend classes on those days, it is best to download calendars from Monday to Friday. These can also be modified in Word. You have the following options:

  • Week Hours (8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Friday, Vertical.)
  • Weekdays (8 am - 6 pm, Monday through Friday, Horizontal)
  • Week Schedule (24 hours, Monday to Friday, Vertical)
  • Week Hours (24 hours, Monday to Friday, Horizontal)

You see that in this case you can also choose between vertical or horizontal formats and the hours from 8 to 18 hours or 24 hours. Simply select the option that works best for you to download it and start completing your schedule in Microsoft Word.


Official timetable templates for Microsoft Word and Excel

The previous templates may not have convinced you at all. They are standard templates, without too many frills. If you are looking for other templates for schedules and want to continue using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to customize and / or modify them , you may have to take a look at the templates that Microsoft itself provides you from its official template download site.

The truth is that in this repository you will find a good number of different templates, some quite curious, to organize yourself in different areas of life. But, let us start at the beginning. What can we find here? You have a colorful but austere weekly task sheet where you can organize your weekly chores and chores from Monday to Friday. If the template works for you, maybe you can also modify it to organize your activity . Remember that in addition to editing this schedule in Word, you have the option of doing it in the browser.

This is a weekly schedule, especially designed for school. In fact, it includes specific spaces for recreation. You will see that the template is not very fun, but it can serve as a basis for customizing it . You can use it for work if you also have breaks.

Here's a template for an Excel schedule. Check if the different lines and columns suit what you need. If not, you can try to download it anyway and modify it as needed.

Then you have a specific template to organize subjects, ideal for students. Here you can add assignments and due dates. Thus, in addition to using it for the subjects that you must take daily, you can also include  exams, assignments and other questions related to studies.

Another interesting option is to go to the templates that other users have created and that have been encouraged to share them. For example, we have located a simple and practical schedule to organize courses and classes. It is a very complete template, with every day of the week and countless users .

Here is another interesting template, which in this case can be edited in Excel. It includes all twelve months and is specifically designed for students. With this template they will be able to plan the twelve months of the year , but also organize themselves week by week, add tasks at one end of the page and the option to indicate dates for the due dates of the tasks. It should be noted that the template is very easy to edit.

On the other hand, we recommend this class calendar, a lesson plan by hours, in case you prefer to organize your day hour by hour. For the weekly schedule, you have a color-coded template  from which you can set priorities for each week and set statuses as you go. Finally, with this schedule template you can schedule your activities for five days.

Schedule images to download and print 

Schedule images to download and print

You may prefer to download and print a little more fun schedules. If so, you can also look at all the templates in image format that you can download for free on the Internet. All the ones that we have decided to offer you here have a good resolution and therefore, you can print in a very good quality . You can modify the schedules as you want, either by hand on the print or through any image program that allows you to add text.


Next, we recommend a total of 30 schedules to download and print in image format . We hope you find them useful. You have a schedule with very soft pastel colors, a schedule for daily subjects in English, a simple one with some school items, one from Monday to Friday that includes a special section for writing notes, one with pictures of class things, one inspired in the Little Prince with the mythical phrase 'The essential is invisible to the eyes', one of the most curious, with which to organize the days separately, one a little simpler from Monday to Friday, one with floral motifs and another in English , with a few drawings.


Here is another great schedule to organize your daily work and sports activities (you will see that there are pictures of balls and other symbols), a simple but fun schedule model, one with aliens and planets, this one is a little more decorative and delicate, with coloring pages, one with gold colored polka dots, this one has ethnic motifs, this one has some colors, but it has a super simple look, this one is ideal for Pokémon fans and one for those looking for a clear schedule and easy to understand.


But we have located more schedules that you can easily download and print . For example, here you have one in white and blue, in addition to some school motifs, one in green tones to write down library schedules with endearing drawings, a clean and clear schedule to edit by hand, one with little monkeys so that children can paint , This is a schedule for fans of the minions, this one in light colors will help you organize very well, this one is also very clear and has countless reasons related to the world of education, this other is designed in black and white, this another one too, but it has space for meals, breakfasts and breaks and one with a classic and children's design.


Daily planners

Not all days or weeks are the same. For some people, organizing their studies or jobs requires daily planning or organization, so that they cannot set weekly schedules, but have to make them daily . For this reason, what we propose is to download a series of timetable templates for each day. It's a good way to keep up with all your weekly assignments.

What we recommend in these cases is to print several sheets , to be able to use them every day of the year. Or every day you work and need to be clear about what you are going to do every hour. For example, with this colorful template you can create a daily action plan, with lists of things to do, goals, successes and thanks. It is useful to organize in an efficient and optimistic way.

Here you can take daily notes in a very nice way. And this planner is great for taking notes and spreading out as much as you like, because there's plenty of room to write down whatever you need. Here you can make your priorities very clear and here write how your perfect day should be. Here in addition to organizing yourself, you will have the option of writing down your mood. This is a very valid option, although it is only available in Catalan. In addition, we have found a great example of a good action plan for day to day.

Schedules with drawings to color with the little ones

Schedules with drawings to color with the little ones

You already know that most of the time, the little ones enjoy organizing activities with the older ones. That they are part of the organization of this back to school 2018 can be great, especially because they will notice that they are important and that their opinions are taken into account. Another thing they can do is make schedules.

In this section we want to propose a series of schedules, ready to download and print for free , but in black and white and with coloring pages. Thus, in addition to organizing the subjects and writing the subjects and activities on the table, they will also have the opportunity to color some very beautiful drawings. You have over twenty to choose from.

Painting schedule

To begin, we will do it with one of the favorite characters of the little ones, Peppa Pig. But we also have them with wild animals, with the characters of Monster High, Phineas and Ferb, with monsters and aliens, with boys and girls, with a child whose face can be customized and other school supplies, with different objects of the class, with hearts and with very funny animals.

time robot

We have also found a very fun schedule, a schedule with a girl that can be customized day by day, a schedule that combines drawings with English, one in which Harry Potter appears, another with the characters of SpongeBob, one with some very funny animals, one with Hello Kitty, one with Mickey Mouse, a very cool robot and another with Pocoyo characters.

Images of schedules for extracurricular

Images of schedules for extracurricular

Let's look at another important question for any family worth its salt. The beginnings of school are a good time to make schedules. Not surprisingly, in addition to starting school, extracurricular activities are launched, both for the little ones and for the elderly. Yes, at five, music class. Yes at three yoga session. You can leave everything black on white with these templates that we propose: here you have a total of ten.

This includes space for school hours, but also for daily extracurricular activities . This one is simpler, but includes a small space for activities. This other schedule contains enough space for extracurricular activities, for those who have an intense activity. This is very simple, but you can dedicate it exclusively to activities outside of school. Here you also have space for the extracurricular ones, in the yellow section.


This other one has a lot of space and great quality . You can download and print it. You will have plenty of space to include the activities. This is useful to record both the subjects and the activities that the kids do outside of school. This is specific for activities that take place in the afternoon, which is where the extracurricular activities are usually located, from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This, then, is also perfect, to add other tasks, such as doing homework, dinner or a bath. If you prefer white color and simple schemes, check out this option.

Weekly menu

Weekly hours for menus

Another issue that is often complex to organize is the menus. Thinking about a menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner every day can be a real nightmare. Especially if you are not orderly and disciplined. Something you can do to make things as easy as possible is to establish weekly menus, organize your purchases at the supermarket. And do not overspend.

What we propose below are a series of templates in image format that you can download directly and with which you can make the menus. We have found a total of ten, the sea of ​​useful, beautiful and even funny .

The first is very nice, clear and easy to handle. I'm sure it's great for you to print several templates, and then complete the weekly menus in your own way, so that you always know what to eat and what to buy each day. This other one is pink and very pleasant to look at, with pastel tones that are very comfortable to write on. It also has a message that is sure to encourage you to eat a good diet. Here is a weekly menu that will help you to be organized when planning your meals.

weekly menu

This does not include the snack that you can have in the middle of the morning, but it does include a space reserved for the snack, in the case of those who do not miss this parenthesis in the middle of the afternoon . This is a very cool template, for people who take care of themselves and are also looking for something fun. With this template you can plan the menu for the week, but also the purchase.

A weekly menu template in white, in which you can easily complement the menus that interest you for each of the days. Try printing several sheets and changing the food every week. This other template includes space for menus, but also diet instructions. A very beautiful and colorful weekly menu to download and prepare a balanced diet.

Here's another one, specially devised by Ahorradoras, a space dedicated to offering tips for saving on daily purchases. This is to keep track of all the foods the family consumes on a daily basis . This way, you can know when you have eaten eggs, cheese or pasta and how often a week.


If you want to lose weight, this weekly schedule is sure to encourage you to stick with your purpose. This other menu is very simple, but completely white and clear to write on top. This is very colorful and is also available in English, in  case you want to practice a bit with the language , also when shopping and cooking.

This other menu is very graphic and beautiful. It's great for organizing lunches and dinners . This weekly menu is very special and fun, and of course: it will not cost you anything to fill in the different spaces to organize all your meals.

If you are looking for something fun and colorful, chances are you will like this weekly menu template a lot . Because infinity of tones and precious motifs. This one, in gray and blue, is also useful for keeping track of what you eat each week. This also includes a specific space to make the shopping list. And finally, we recommend this weekly schedule template, devised by vegans, to organize meals and shopping.

Ready-made weekly menu templates

Another interesting option, if you prefer not to think about the menus yourself, is to directly download images of healthy menus made by experts. On the Internet you have countless options, which are sure to be useful to you and which will probably give you ideas to make your own menus or when you no longer think of anything.

Most are designed especially for children and families, so (although we recommend checking them to see the nutrients and the types of foods that are included) they are all healthy and contain all the families of foods that are recommended to consume. Next, we propose a total of 20 weekly menus already made, ready to download and print: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.


Schedule templates to organize your life

During the year you will have to organize many things, apart from the class schedules, the extracurricular ones and the menus . That is why we have thought that you could find many other templates very useful, which you can download in Word format or manage directly in Excel. For example, we started with an interesting example of a gift planning and organizing template, an expense tracking sheet, a timesheet, an idea planner, and even a homework assignment sheet.

And have a template to organize the daily tasks of your little ones? Children have to collaborate on daily tasks, so this template with schedules and tasks can be very useful to organize yourself. Plus, they'll love seeing their accomplishments reflected there.

We have found a weekly homework sheet, a lesson organizer (ideal for those who are studying), a class planner and even a floor organizer, which we would especially recommend to all those who have decided to share a flat and have to wear current with payments.

If you also intend to lose weight and go on a diet now that the school year begins, you can also download this record for weight loss. While most of us already track through mobile apps and tools, many may prefer to track their weight by noting in a template like this one. This one, specifically, is suitable for two people. 

You also have a plant inventory, a document to control blood pressure, a training plan or a follow-up sheet for different activities. This other template is great for keeping track of your daily schedule, so it's ideal for planning your professionals ' day every day. With this you will be able to manage weekly visits and an inventory list.