▷ 8 FREE employee schedule control programs and apps

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Now that the new law to control the hours of workers and employees of different companies has come into force, a multitude of control programs of hours worked to register at work have appeared on Windows, Android and iPhone. These programs go beyond a simple control of employees' hours through Excel, with a multitude of options that allow to sign in the different workers and export tables with the hours worked. A few weeks ago we saw several Microsoft Excel templates for recording working hours. This time we have made a compilation of various applications and programs to control hours of work for free , as well as to sign employees and workers.

Excel Templates

Free templates to keep track of time in companies

Why resort to worker control programs to sign employees if we can use the traditional Microsoft Excel. On pages like Free Excel we can find a multitude of these templates to download for free .

We can also choose these three templates (Excel template 1, Excel template 2 and Excel template 3) with time control and automated breaks, so that we will only have to enter the entry time and the time of output to calculate total hours worked for the day, week and even month.

Bixpe time control

bixpe clock times

Bixpe is the best known free hour control app of all worker control applications. The reason for its success is precisely due to its free nature and its compatibility with Android, iPhone and desktop systems such as Windows and Mac by having a web version.

The Free version of Bixpe has  hours, breaks and breaks of the day, basic reports of hours, real-time geolocation of each transfer  and history of up to a month.

There is no trial period, and we can use it without any limit on any of the compatible devices.

Time control

time control

Android application of Spanish origin that, as the name suggests, has a time control system to record the entries and exits of the different workers of a company.

The application in question has functions to record working hours and breaks . It also has a history to see the count of hours worked and overtime for a certain period of time.

The bad thing is the information handled by the application is stored in a local database, so we will not be able to count the hours telematically , as it happens with Excel templates.

Factorial HR

factorial time control

Like Bixpe, Factorial HR is a free hours control program that has a multitude of options in its Free mode.

Some of the Factorial HR functions to highlight are the absence manager (vacations, leave, breaks) , the document manager and an organization chart updated daily with all the hours recorded by the different employees. It also has the possibility of exporting to PDF, text and even Excel templates .

It does not have any trial period, so we can make use of it without limits . It should be noted that it has an application for Android and iOS in case we want to keep track of the hours via mobile.



A program very similar to Microsoft Excel whose functions in the free version of the software allow for an orderly management of shift quadrants, as well as a control of the presence of workers during their working hours.

Another feature to highlight has to do with the possibility of exporting the tables to Excel templates to edit the data manually through specialized programs.

For the rest, LaborOfficeFree has a customizable dashboard, employee biometric control and application for Android and iOS.

Work Record

job log

An application for Android mobiles very similar to Time control whose operation essentially replicates the functions of the aforementioned app to sign in at work.

Unlike the latter, it has a paid version that allows the tables to be exported to Excel , as well as eliminating advertising and sharing the database with other devices.

Regarding the functions of the free version, it has entry and exit times through a specialized widget , visualization of working hours for certain periods of time, establishment of breaks and absences and several options oriented to commission jobs and mileage.


odoo time control

Although it is not a schedule control program as such, Odoo is an open source solution based on an ERP that allows controlling different areas of a certain business environment , including the area of ​​resources humans.

Among all the functions it includes, Odoo allows you to register employees according to the area they occupy, as well as the time of entry and exit through the organization charts that the platform offers.

Although it is true that the web has a price plan, we can opt for the free version, although for this we will have to download the code and implement it on a dedicated server . Both versions have the same functions, being an open source program.

Labor Clock - control of working hours

work clock

Application owned by Duocom that despite not being free , offers a free trial period of no less than three months for a total of twenty employees.

Like the rest of the applications, it allows you to log in and out times with a single click , and it has a history that allows you to count all working hours, both ordinary and overtime.

It also has a map to geolocate all employees in real time and a calendar to plan vacations for the different workers of the company.