50 Creative Inventions That Will Make You Smile (Part One)

Salt of the World.

To add a little salt to life, you will not need to empty your pantry . Some have already mixed their ideas in a drawer to give us curious and varied inventions that will delight those interested in modern gadgets . So much so that we wanted to collect them in a special that will compile the 50 most curious inventions that exist on the face of the earth. Enjoy them.

1) Murder Ink


It is not the scene of a crime. It is Murder Ink , a notepad with 300 pages , suitable for writing down from infallible proofs to punctilious descriptions, passing of course, through the earthly and routine shopping list .

2) Tempting card holder


In times of crisis, it is not advisable to wear it on the back of the pants , especially if we carry credit cards inside . This is the recommended use of the card holder , although we can always laugh for a while and fool the thief . Who laughs last laughs best.

3) Jug and glass


Is it a cup in a jug or is it Winestein . A kind of container that can both function as a wine glass or as a modern beer mug . You have to see what they are capable of inventing.

4) The can opener belt


Country party, barbecue and beer in hand . You only need the opener, which by the way, you have integrated into the belt . Beer Belly is an opener system that will make life much easier for beer lovers and outdoor bingeing.

5) Spoon-fork

spoon fork

As you already know, mini-flats require inventions that take up little space . This is also the case with the Inset , a spoon that houses a fork for dressing salads. The sea of ​​practical.

6) The pendrive sticks


Believe it or not, this kind of failed cable is nothing more than a 2 GB memory stick . It is especially useful to make a joke to your coworker or to confirm to all your colleagues in the office that you are the geekiest.

7) Anti-tag glasses

black glasses

Facebook users will have gotten the hang of it . Especially those who hate to be tagged in all the photos from last weekend of laps. Take note and take care of that privacy.

8) How to tie the knot?


Never again will there be a single problem to tie the tie. How Tie a tie with a wonderful design : the step by step instructions on how to tie a knot well done.

9) Micro-sponge

micro shower

What is a micro-sponge? A tiny sponge for the gnomes? Not even remotely! If you are one of those who sing in the shower you are in luck . This sponge in the shape of a microphone will be your ideal ally. E mong soap bubbles and the show promises .

10) The ear on the keychain

ear ring

With Van Gogh's macabre background image, Ear Ring is promoted . An ear-shaped keychain made in bright colors , so you never have to look for more than three hours for house keys again.

11) Revenge CD


It is a best seller in all neighborhood communities . Revenge includes up to 20 loud sounds to annoy neighbors who normally annoy you. The pack includes two plugs to protect your ears .

12) Giant cake cutter

cake saw

Although traditionally cakes are carefully cut , with this invention it will be impossible to be scrupulous . It is a saw capable of cutting a whole cake in one fell swoop . And who wouldn't rush with so much chocolate on their noses?

13) Help, I'm drowning!


There could not be a more dramatic invention . It is a plug that allows us to accumulate water in the sink. Although it is clear that we are not talking about just any plug , but about a hand that asks for help as if it were sinking in the middle of the ocean.

14) Grandma's phone

antique phone

Some cannot forget the telephones of yesteryear. This nostalgia is alluded to by Please Hold , a fragment of an old telephone that can be connected like headphones to a mobile phone . Nothing like talking to our loved ones as we did in the past .

15) The tattooed shopping list


You will not forget anything. They are the To-do Tatoo, an invention that seems the perfect solution to memory lapses . Ideal to have your shopping list or daily chores engraved in ink as a tattoo .

16) A portable glass


From the pocket to the bar counter. This is the Port-a-pint, a glass made of plastic that will be useful wherever you go. Especially if they serve cool drinks there and you want to go outside to drink it quietly. It is foldable and fits easily in your pocket .

Photo by: Daniel Y. Go / Via: Boredpanda