This is what an Instagram influencer with a million followers earns

instagram how much money an influencer earns

The growing rise of influencers  on Instagram is causing a multitude of users to be interested in this type of profile in an economic and work sense. Unlike the influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and other less massive platforms, Instagram does not reward this profile with financial compensation, but rather they depend on third parties, such as brands, companies and even other Instagram profiles. Previously we saw how much YouTube pays for a million visits. But  how much money does an influencer actually make on Instagram? What if you have more than a million followers?

How many followers do you have to have on Instagram to get paid and earn money?

The question that many ask themselves: from how many followers are you an influencer on Instagram? The truth is that there is no established number , as long as we generate impact with our publications. What does this mean?

A grosso way, the impact of a publication is the total number of interactions obtained in a given period of time based on the number of followers to have. For example, if an Instagram account has 400 followers and the last publication of this account gets 400 likes and 400 comments, we can say that an impact of 100% is obtained , something that today is nothing short of impossible.

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Aitana, example of a profile with great impact on networks.

To this we must add engagement or feedback. When it comes to obtaining money on Instagram through promotions, brands and third-party companies, this factor is very important, as it indicates the return value that the person responsible for the campaign obtains in economic terms . The higher the engagement , the higher the return value we will obtain on the brand in question.

To calculate Instagram engagement we will have to perform the following formula:

  • Engagement = Total interactions (Likes + Comments) / Number of followers x 100

Applying the formula, we have figures similar to the following:

  • Engagement = 432 / 5,340 x 100 = 8.08%

If we want to calculate the engagement of an Instagram story or a video, the formula varies slightly:

  • Instagram Stories Engagement = Total Engagements (Views + Private Messages or Swipe Up) / Number of Followers x 100
  • Instagram Video Engagement = Total Engagements (Views + Likes + Comments) / Number of Followers x 100

Based on this formula, the different brands establish their advertising campaigns. To obtain the highest return value, companies typically apply the following equation:

  • Brands profit = Campaign profit - Amount invested in promoted publication

Translated into numbers we can establish the following equation:

  • 1,100 euros obtained in campaign - 1,000 euros invested in promoted publication = 100 euros of total profit

This last example is the biggest test of low engagement  , where the return obtained reaches 10%. The ideal would be to raise that figure to 25% or even 30% for a successful campaign.

Returning to the initial question about how many followers are needed to make money on Instagram, the answer varies depending on the return value that brands can obtain on our profile. From 1,000 followers is a figure that companies begin to take into account as long as we have good engagement .

How much money does an influencer who has a million followers charge?

Based on all this data, calculating what an influencer  earns on Instagram can be relatively easy. The crux of the matter lies in the type of content offered by the profile and the product to be promoted.

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Examples of promoted campaigns.

If, for example, the influencer  publishes and promotes content related to the motor world (cars, motorcycles, trucks ...), the campaign will be much more expensive than that of an influencer who publishes content related to makeup even though both have the same number followers and engagement ratio .

However, there are tools that allow us to calculate the average price of each publication, such as InfluencerFee or InfluencerMarketingHub .

In the profile of the actress María Valverde, protagonist of Three meters above the sky with almost a million followers on Instagram and an engagement ratio of 3.2%, the figure that could be obtained  ranges between 3,000 and 4,900 dollars per post .

calculate instagram engagement 1

We can therefore deduce that in a monthly average of seven promoted publications, the actress could pay a whopping 26,000 dollars a month , about 23,600 euros at the exchange rate.

How to make money with Instagram

There are many ways to earn money on Instagram. The simplest and most direct is to contact the product brands that we want to promote , as long as our content is adapted to the product in question and the  engagement  is high.

Ideally, before making our profile profitable, is to change our personal account to a company profile to provide companies with metrics on the degree of interaction . In the article that we just linked we explain how to proceed.

This is what an Instagram influencer earns with a million followers 1

Another option to make Instagram profitable is based on the digital platforms of Influencers, where we will only have to register and associate our profile to receive promotional offers periodically. The price, of course, is on average much lower than if we directly negotiate prices with the company. Some of these platforms are the following:

  • Coobis
  • Influenz
  • SocialPubli
  • Fluvip

Last but not least, we can go to the sale of photographs through image banks . Product photography, landscapes, people ... Any proposal is welcome. The higher sales we get per photo, the more compensation we will receive per month.

We leave you below with several online platforms to sell stock images:

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Getty
  • FreePik
  • Adobe Stock
  • iStock