All Canis, a fake forum for canis with 200 viruses

todocanis was a page that during the 2000s functioned as a network of contacts for the 'canis', that urban tribe that began by drinking from the "bakala" aesthetic of the 90s and ended up dissolving into a sum of fashions that we can now find in any Primark . But in those first years of the new millennium, their aesthetics were in full swing : them, ashtray hair and a bomber jacket. They, a ponytail and an infinite eye line. His music, hardcore , and his hallmarks were golds , the "gypsy" and the combination of uppercase and lowercase when writing. And it was one of their online meeting points, away from the park bench.

Now, from that network there is nothing left but the ToDo CaNis, the FoRo.  Maintaining the aesthetics of that page (including its logo), we are presented with a fairly complete forum , with themes such as " musika ", "tattoos and piercings", "videos" " tuning " and "of to a little". Come on, pure cani . So far everything perfect, only ... now it's all a cover .

all canis forum

Illegal downloads and viruses

The first thing that surprises is that there are recent messages , barely a month and a half, and several during 2016 . Maybe this website is the last bastion of the canis, we think, where they resist without giving quarter to hipster fashion . However, later we see that virtually all forums have the same last commenter user , westbillu . We raise an eyebrow.

So, we are going into each of the thematic blocks , to find threads of a single message, always by the same user westbillu,  who quite regularly posts messages that clearly look like pirated download files , of different formats, and that of course they have nothing to do with the chosen theme. Free YouTube Downloader For Windows 8, Watch Dallas Cowboys Live Stream Online Free, Zoe Full Discography 320 Kbps, The Beatles Greatest Hits Vol. I… and we could continue.

Either this urban tribe has gotten the hang of English and has opened up to very diverse musical styles , or here is a catch. Preparing  all the shields that the antivirus allowed us, we decided to access some of those files, and the answer is always the same: " Threat blocked ".

all canis virus

The entire forum is a bag of viruses , about 200 in all , ready for some poor naive to click into their computer with malware . But it seems that once there was life in this radioactive cemetery that is now Todo Canis , because in the section of "pReSenTaTe !!" We found some real users trying to liven up the forum, back in 2008, without much success.

Guessing, we can imagine that since then, and as if it were a Terminator movie , the progressive abandonment of the forum made the machines take control, and now Todo Canis is just a trap for wretched nostalgic people who want to regain contact with a demodé urban culture . Sad story.