▷ 10 alternatives to TorrentZ2.eu to download Torrent in 2019

alternatives to torrent2z.eu

TorrentZ2.eu, better known as TorrentZ2 or TorrentZ to dry, is one of the most popular torrent download portals of 2019. Unfortunately, and as it is already common in most countries, the website suffers a block that prevents its access from some IP addresses from the countries where it is blocked. Fortunately, the number of alternatives to TorrentZ2.eu continues to be very extensive , and this time we have made a compilation of the ten best to download Torrent files.


extra torrent

Despite the fact that it has recently been blocked in many countries of the European Union, it is currently possible to access the official page without any problem .

Although its content focuses on movies and series of all kinds , ExtraTorrent has programs, music, electronic books, operating systems and, ultimately, software of all kinds.

Unfortunately, the website has a fairly high number of advertising , which is why we will have to resort to an advertising blocker to avoid falling into false download buttons and links with content of dubious origin.


9 alternatives to the Pirate Bay to download torrent files

It does not need any presentation, and it is no wonder , since since its launch today more than 10 years ago it has been proclaimed not only as the best alternative to TorrentZ2.eu , but to all Torrent download portals.

Movies, TV shows, series, software, music, e-books, outdated versions of operating systems and a long etcetera.

Since its access is blocked in practically all countries, we will have to use one of the following proxies :

  • //unblocktheship.org
  • //piratebay.tel
  • //tpb247.top
  • //thepiratebay.kiwi
  • //bayception.pw

Kickass Torrent

kickass torrent

Another of the torrent download portals that together with The Pirate Bay, proclaims itself as one of the pages with the largest catalog of Torrent files on the Internet .

As a good alternative to TorrentZ2 that it is, it has movies, series, programs, licenses, operating systems, electronic books and, ultimately, any item we want to download.

Like The Pirate Bay, it suffers a global block , so we will have to use a proxy to enter the page.

We leave you with a list of the best known:

  • //kickasstorrent.cr
  • //katcr.co
  • //kickass.cm
  • //kat.am
  • //kickasstorrents.pw
  • //kat.sx

Tor lock


As the name itself suggests, Tor Lock has a large amount of material that is shared through the Deep Web .

Material such as declassified computer programs, movies, series, television shows and a large amount of content that we cannot find on sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent.

Do not expect to find illicit and illegal content (snuff videos, deaths, violations ...), since the web has filters to detect these types of files.



Intended solely and exclusively for downloading Torrent premiere movies and series, EliteTorrent has one of the largest catalogs in Spanish of audiovisual material on the Internet . Movies in Spanish, with subtitles, dubbed into Latin ...

Best of all, in addition to integrating very little advertising, it has a catalog mostly available in HD and Full HD quality .

Unfortunately we will have to use proxies to enter the web from a Spanish IP , although it is not blocked by all telephone operators.


vivatorrents torrent alternatives

A page very similar to Elite Torrent in terms of variety and content, although with a somewhat lower catalog.

First-run movies, latest episodes of series like Game of Thrones, full documentaries… All in Spanish, in Full HD quality and downloadable through Torrent files through programs like uTorrent.

Best Torrent

Best torrent does not work, 9 alternatives to download torrent in 2019

We reached the halfway point of the best alternatives to TorrentZ2, and this time it was the turn of another page in Castilian Torrent download that, like Viva Torrent and Elite Torrent, bases its catalog on series and movies of all kinds .

In addition to having the latest in movies and series premieres, it has music and some games for PC , although yes, in a much smaller number compared to its main content.

Torrent downloads

torrent downloads

Looking very similar to TorrentZ2.eu, it has a Torrent file catalog similar to this one .

Computer programs, movies and television series, discographies, outdated versions of operating systems, images of files in ISO format and an endless number of elements that we can find in Torrent2Z.


14 alternatives to DivxTotal to download new releases and torrent music

Famous for being one of the first pages to have DVD Torrent, it has one of the largest catalogs of series and movies in Torrent format in Spanish .

Despite the fact that in recent years the rate of Torrent file uploads has decreased enormously due to the partial blockade in Spain, it is still one of the largest sites to download Torrent movies , as well as television series and programs.

Since it is currently blocked in a large part of the IP addresses in Spain, we will have to resort to VPN or proxy services to enter the web .

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

It is not a website as such, but a whole computer program with which we can stream series and movies through Torrent files without having to download them to the computer. Its operation, in fact, is more similar to that of Netflix and HBO than that of a torrent download website.

We will only have to choose the film or series in question and a native player will automatically open with which we can view the file live and without cuts.

It also has an application for Android , and most of its content is in Full HD quality and with Spanish subtitles. Unfortunately, we will not find much content with voices dubbed into Spanish.