Wire Glue, an electrically conductive glue

Wire Glue, an electrically conductive glue 3

The bricomaniacs have the future assured . At least as far as work tools are concerned . And it is that a compound called Wire Glue has just been released on the market , according to its literal translation into Spanish, "wire glue" . It is a kind of glue presented in a boat , which in addition to being sticky , has the peculiar virtue of being a conductor of electricity . This makes it especially useful for simple electrical DIY tasks .

Wire Glue, an electrically conductive glue 3

The glue is made of a material called microcarbon , capable of conducting electricity. According to the manufacturer itself, this Wire Glue can be used to repair damaged cables or electrical connections . Of course, taking into account that it can only be used in low voltage circuits . Otherwise, the botch can be even dangerous .

Once the glue is inserted in the right place , for example on the Wearable Toy Piano piano shirt , you only have to wait a whole night for it to dry. Undoubtedly, an identical operation to that of any strong glue that we can find on the market. Wire Glue is already on sale in the ThinkGeek store at the low price of  3.20 euros.

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