versus, we compare to see which wins in audience

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YTS and 1337x are two of the most popular platforms to watch series and movies online. Currently both portals have been forced to change domain due to restrictions in different countries and more specifically in Spain. Despite access limitations, the number of accesses from different parts of the world is still exaggeratedly high. We are talking about millions of visits in both cases, a hard blow for traditional streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO and now Disney +. Let's look at the data for each of these platforms.

YTS and almost 150 million visits in the last month

It's not any joke. According to data extracted from Similar Web, a web analysis platform, the two torrent download portals have accumulated a whopping almost 150 million visits between February and March alone in the last month. Specifically, 149.49 million visits . There is nothing.

number of visits yts vs 1337x

Audience data taken from YTS vs. 1337x in February.

YTS takes the cake, with almost 91 million visits in the last month . The most curious thing about the web is that the current domain (, based in Mexico) only has one month to live due to the expropriation by some governments of the original domain. In just over 30 days the web has managed to surpass the portal, which until now had accumulated an average of 70 million visits .

number of visits yts

Origin of YTS visits.

Referring back to the Similar Web data we can see that 1337 has dropped to 58 million visits . Last December, the portal managed to exceed 70 million visits (71 million, to be more exact). This could most likely be due to the disappearance of YTS during the last months of 2019. It should be noted that the majority of accesses are made from the United States, the Philippines and India . The same happens with 1337x, except for the presence of Canada as one of the most relevant access points.

More popular than HBO but less than Netflix

If we turn to audience data from HBO and Netflix, two of the most popular streaming digital content platforms, the differences are really palpable. Starting with HBO.

In the last month, the domain has obtained an average of 4.57 million accesses , which contrasts with the almost 60 million of 1,337 and the 91 million YTS. It should be noted, however, that the company has a different domain for each country, although it also uses the domain to make redirects in certain territories.

netflix hbo number of users

Audience data pulled from Netflix's versus HBO in February.

As for Netflix, the most popular streaming platform, the total of visits in the last month amounts to a whopping 2,003 million . While this is promising data for the company, the truth is it comes from a downtrend that has made it lose more than 300 million visits in the last month.

The same happens with HBO, which since the end of 2019 has been losing more than 500,000 visits per month per month , up to a total of 1.37 million from the month of December until now.

Does this translate into effective user losses? At the moment neither of the two platforms has given data about the bank of users for this last quarter. What is undoubtedly a fact is that piracy is causing millions in losses in the two most powerful platforms today. At least that is what can be read from this data. YTS has just taken off and everything indicates that it will continue with the upward trend until reaching 100 million visits. It remains to be seen how the arrival of Disney + influences Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.