English to Spanish translator, 10 websites to translate texts

English to Spanish translator

There are many translators from English to Spanish on the Internet. Well, not so many. Beyond Google Translate, the options are diverse to translate both formal and informal texts. However, few are the web pages that offer a relatively decent translation and considering the context of the sentence. Last week we already showed you some applications to learn English for free, and this time we will show you a compilation of ten pages of English to Spanish translator . Of course, all free and without paying any subscription.

Cambridge Dictionary

English to Spanish translator, 10 websites to translate texts 1

The quintessential translator beyond Google Translate. Although its strong point is the dictionary tool it includes, the official Cambridge website also includes a complete translator very similar to the aforementioned Google tool. In addition to showing us the translation of the text in question, it also shows us the translation of all the words that make up the sentence .

Of course, it has a limit of 160 characters per translation and 2,000 per day , although we can always use a free VPN to change our IP.



Another quite powerful alternative to Google Translator and with nothing to envy. Like the Cambridge dictionary, it not only allows us to do translations from English to Spanish, it also has vocabulary, grammar and verb libraries to translate specific terms , all in text and by voice.

It also has a blog thanks to which we can learn expressions, connectors and all kinds of elements in English. One of the best pages to learn English, without a doubt.


You could not miss Reverso, the best known English to Spanish translator on the Internet (or one of the best known). The number of options available is quite similar to that of SpanishDict , with verbs, vocabulary and all kinds of content to learn English.

The good thing is that we can also translate into other languages ​​such as French or Italian, both of these to Spanish and vice versa (that's where the name comes from). It does not have any type of limit per characters .

Yandex Translate

yandex translate

Yandex, in addition to being one of the most used search engines in Russia, is one of the most important translation engines in the world. Includes translation into various languages. We can also translate entire websites and images uploaded from our own computer . It stands out for the quality and speed of translation compared to other translation websites.

How could it be otherwise, it has an application for Android and iOS , and can be used without an Internet connection. The limit of characters per text is 10,000 (can be used unlimitedly).

Microsoft Translator

English to Spanish translator, 10 websites to translate texts 2

Microsoft also has its own translator, and it works great. The translation engine for this is, how could it be otherwise, Bing. It has translation into different languages ​​and supports texts of up to 5,000 characters (it can be used without limit). It does not have excessive functions beyond the translation and reproduction of sounds, but the translation quality is really good , especially due to the naturalness of the language when it comes to translating from English to Spanish or the language we select as the output.

It also includes a tool for conversations thanks to which we can speak with our contacts with real-time translations of what we are saying at the moment.


It is not a typical website, but rather an application for Android or iOS. The difference with respect to the previous ones is that we can translate several languages ​​by voice to learn the pronunciation of English or any language. The best thing is that the translation is instantaneous, so it will be quite useful if we want to travel abroad and translate real conversations.

Like SpanishDict, it has several libraries of simple phrases, verbs and resources to learn English. It can be used without the need to connect to the Internet .

Speak to Voice Translator

Speak to Voice Translator

Similar to Triplingo, it is not a web page, but a mobile application. The best of this? That we can translate any text by voice instead of having to write it. Although the quality of the translations can leave something to be desired at times, there are more than a hundred languages ​​to translate, in addition to English and Spanish .

The translation engines of the application are Google Translate, Yandex, Microsoft and Baidu. We can switch between these as it suits us through the app options.



The Genesis Band Member Name Translator is also one of the best tools as an English to Spanish translator. Although it has several languages ​​to translate texts and words, its strong point is English, as it has an improved engine (it bases its translations on the Microsoft engine ).

The page, like the previous ones, includes specific sections to learn English even through games. In addition, it has a fairly complete blog to improve our pronunciation and language through videos . It has an application for both iOS and Android.



We go back to conventional English to Spanish translators. Linguee not only translates the written text through its own libraries, it also extracts translations from third-party pages and services in English to check the veracity of the translation and its use by British and American media.

Of course, it is able to display the translation of the extracted text quite accurately. Ideal for translating scientific texts, work proposals and formal essays .


The very name of the page says so. Politraductor is capable of translating into different languages, in addition to English and Spanish. It does not stand out for being the fastest, but at least the quality of the translations is quite faithful to reality .

It also includes free vocabulary and grammar sections. In addition to this, it has a section that includes several recommended English courses for beginners and not so beginners.