A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

Every year we see the different bets of companies in terms of televisions. Each company is committed to different technologies, some of its own and others with free standards. Now it is Hisense's turn, we are going to take a tour of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range. These televisions are large format, that is, they are large, this is seen in that its smallest model is 50 inches.

The Hisense U7A 4K TV range, as the name suggests, have 4K resolution . This resolution together with their different sizes makes them very interesting if we want to change the TV in our living room. We tell you all the details about this range of Hisense televisions.

Picture technologies in Hisense U7A 4K TVs

We have three models within this range of televisions, 50, 55 and 65 inches. These three models have 4K resolution and all three have a ULED panel. This technology is patented by Hisense and is actually the union of different technologies and patents. Among the image technologies that we find in these panels we have Ultra Color, this technology ensures that the television is capable of displaying 99.98% of the DCI-P3 color space.

In Hisense U7A 4K televisions we also have Local Dimming, a technology that refers to LED backlight panels. ULED televisions are divided into 240 lighting zones, thus allowing different areas to be illuminated depending on the image to be displayed. This is necessary since it is not an OLED screen in which the pixels are turned off if the content is black.

In addition to these two features we have Smooth Motion Rate, this technology is actually an algorithm. This algorithm is used to create frames and insert them during content playback. This makes a moving image appear much more fluid and natural. We will have an image that advances smoothly and not in jumps.

Hisense U7A 4K TVs are HDR certified. Specifically, they call it HDR Plus, but the free standard is HDR 10. Thanks to the inclusion of this image technology, we will have a greater range of colors and depth in them when reproducing the different contents. In addition, the colors will be more natural and areas with difficult lighting in certain contents such as explosions or night scenes will be better seen thanks to this technology. The interesting thing about this is that HDR10 is a widely used standard so we can watch content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube and enjoy this image technology.

A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

Not only have they paid attention to the screen on these Hisense U7A 4K TVs, they have also decided to take care of the sound. For this they have included different speakers in each television that we will talk about later, now we are going to talk about the fact that all three have Dolby Audio certification. Thanks to this certification we will have a clear sound in the different ranges as well as a general audio quality to be able to enjoy the contents.

Smart TV on Hisense U7A 4K TVs

All three models in the Hisense U7A 4K range feature their Smart TV VIDAA U software. This software is designed for Hisense televisions. Its interface has been simplified and designed to be comfortable to use. Its characteristic functions are, for example, to easily add all applications and channels directly to the home page in order to have faster access to the content that we usually consume. 

In addition, in Hisense U7A 4K televisions we do not have to use the remote that comes with the television. Hisense has developed an application that we can download onto our device, both iOS and Android, and be able to use our smartphone as a TV remote. This application is called Remote NOW, with it we can do everything that the TV remote does, only without having it.

Design in the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

A review of the Hisense U7A 4K TV range

Design is another point in common that all three Hisense TV models have. This characteristic does not have to be a point against since if the design is attractive it better be the same than it differs in the range. In the Hisense U7A range we have a sober design that does not stand out. Some frames reduced to give the impression that merges with a geometric screen and supports that give a sense of robustness also be pleasing aesthetically.


If we talk about her rear, we have to talk about her fat. In the area of ​​the connections it is thick, but not too thick. It is logical that this is the case since that is where we will connect the different ports and where the image processor and the main components are housed. On the other hand, in the thinnest area it is practically a centimeter thick. In general, the Hisense U7A 4K TV range has a design that does not stand out for inclusions such as RGB LEDs, but which at the same time fits in with any living room style thanks to its sobriety.


Differences between the three Hisense U7A 4K models

We have explained their common characteristics to the three televisions, now it's time to talk about their small differences. The main one is its size, we find three models as we have already said. The smallest model is the Hisense H50U7A TV. This TV has a 50-inch screen diagonal, has two 10w speakers each and its price is 600 euros in different stores.

The Hisense 55U7A model has a 55-inch screen as its name suggests, it also has two 10w speakers each . Its price in stores is 800 euros. The largest model is the Hisense H65U7A and as its name indicates it has a 65-inch screen, in this television being larger we find 2 speakers of 15w each and its price as the largest model rises to 1580 euros.

The Hisense U7A 4K TV range is generally very similar with small nuances as we have seen. Its main differences are the size of its screen and its corresponding price.