10 YouTube channels for foodies

10 YouTube channels for foodies

No one doubts that, to this day, gastronomy has reached heights like never before, and that chefs are considered to be true rock stars. There are also many cooking fans who search the Internet to discover everything about the gastronomy of their idols . In many cases, they are stars already established in the sector, in others they are anonymous people who at the time decided to share their culinary skills through their videos.

In our quest to highlight the figure of the youtuber, today we travel to the world of gastronomy to review with you  those most relevant cooking channels on YouTube . And not necessarily by the number of subscribers.

Attention to this special, because we bring you the 10 YouTube channels about cooking that you should know.

Matty Matheson (Munchies)

Munchies is a channel dedicated to food in all its aspects launched by the Vice communication medium back in 2014. A meeting point for foodies from all over the world with countless collaborators who will seduce us with their incredible recipes and advice culinary. Everything from a carefree and youthful point of view as Vice has used to.

Of all the visible faces that swarm through this channel (and there are quite a few), our favorite is undoubtedly Matty Matheson , a famous Canadian chef and quite an Internet celebrity. His jovial and hilarious character will mean that, in addition to learning to cook simple, super appetizing recipes, you will have a good laugh in front of the computer.

The capital

Channel dedicated to the world of barbecue, and more specifically, the tex mex gastronomic culture. His visible face, Oscar Meza, is by no means a renowned chef, but he is on his way to becoming one of the best-known culinary influencers with his more than three  million followers  on YouTube .

This channel owes its great popularity thanks to its vlogs with tutorials on traditional Mexican cooking and the world of barbecue.

Crazy X the roast

Meat aficionados are in luck. This Argentine channel will be a real discovery for anyone who wants to try and enjoy new roast meat recipes .

Luciano "El Laucha", its protagonist, began on the networks, where he built a large online community of followers, until he made the leap to YouTube. What's more, he can now be seen on television cooking shows. The rise of this influencer seems to have no end , as do his recipes.

May the trash be with you!

We turn our eyes to our country to meet Super Pilopi, a youtuber from Cantabria who, based on tons of geek humor, offers us a very varied recipe book .

Here you will find everything from how to prepare ramen, to authentic gourmet sandwiches. We promise you that it will not leave anyone indifferent . Take a look at her channel every week to see what she has in store for us.


No less than four years ago, in 2015 BuzzFeed, a portal specializing in viral content, launched its Tasty platform on Facebook, an immense 1-minute video recipe book . The laziest ones no longer have an excuse when it comes to cooking.

Of course, it also has its own YouTube channel that already has 15 million subscribers. In it you can find recipes for each meal of the day, along with a wide range of contents that take food as the central axis . It would be more.


A kitchen channel with a gigantic recipe book to prepare tasty dishes… in the middle of nature! Yes, you read correctly. In this channel there are no dialogues or instructions to follow . Just a man, his camera and the tranquility of the forest.

It is almost therapeutic, but, above all, quite didactic. Seriously, you can't get even the remotest idea of ​​everything he can give of himself, a frying pan, a bonfire and a handful of simple ingredients that our YouTuber gets directly from nature .

Seonkyoung longest

If your thing is Asian cuisine, you will have a great time with this channel that receives the same name as its creator, Seonkyoung Longest, a self-taught chef who already has more than a million subscribers .

Its channel is a culinary journey through the main dishes of the vast oriental cuisine . Despite being a native of South Korea, Seonkyoung Longest shows us countless recipes from Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia ... As soon as he discovers the secrets for making an incredible ramen broth, like the following week, he surprises us with his secret recipe to make delicious kimchi.

The Comedista

The great El País vlog directed by the even bigger Mikel López Iturriaga could not be missing from this list. In this channel you will discover a lot of secrets related to food , from lifelong recipes to restaurant guides of the main cities of our country. All through a carefree prism and, sometimes, with a bit of bad blood.

Vegan dimension

What do you not eat meat? No problem, there is also room for the vegan alternative. In fact, from this channel they advocate the extreme defense of politically incorrect vegan cuisine .

What does this mean? We have no idea, but the truth is that, for some years now, this channel, and more specifically its blog, has been number 1 on vegan cuisine in Spain and Latin America. With more than 400 video recipes they have taught millions of people to cook without resorting to products of animal origin. Yes you can!

Jamie Oliver (Food Tube)

The famous British chef who has managed to infect the British with a passion for cooking through his books, television shows, magazines and restaurant chain, also has his own YouTube channel. This one calls itself the Food Tube, and it features a host of video recipes, cooking tips, and news on tasty dishes.

So if you are fans of this peculiar chef you are in luck, because you can already count on another distribution channel for his cuisine and recipes.