How to create a personalized Santa and the Kings message

How to create a personalized Santa and the Kings message

With Christmas just around the corner, the little ones in the house are more restless than ever . For many, the Christmas holidays begin today, a period in which they will have a great time, get bored, open gifts and enjoy their free time to the fullest.

Meanwhile, parents will do our best to keep you entertained. Because the truth is that if children feel something during these days it is a lot of nervousness. Santa Claus with his reindeer is about to sneak into our house to leave the presents . And the Three Wise Men will soon come to leave their packages on the balcony.

To soften that wait, we have an infallible resource. In the age of communications, children will not be surprised at all that Santa Claus himself or the Three Wise Men are able to send them a personalized recording in which they tell them things and even call them by name. Yes, it is quite easy to do and today we will tell you how to get it in a matter of minutes.

personalized message santa claus

Create a personalized message from Santa Claus and the Kings

The truth is that there are different online services that offer the possibility of creating personalized messages from Santa Claus. However, this year we have opted for the Surprising Christmas of CefaToys, which as you know is a brand of toys. The system works well and is quite agile. It has the particularity, on the other hand, that not only can you create a personalized message from Santa Claus , but you can also make one with the Three Kings as protagonists.

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1. To start creating the message, click on Create Video. You will see that here you have a couple of videos available. We recommend that you start with the first one. And we will tell you why. Click on the Customize this video button .

2. If you are using this Santa Claus video system for the first time, you will need to register first. You will need to enter your email address . You will receive a message in the mailbox and you will have to click on a link to confirm the registration.

3. Then you can go back and create your profile. You will only need to indicate the name of your son or daughter and you will be able to create as many profiles as there are children at home. In this way, no one will be left without their message from Santa Claus. You will also have to add a photo for each of them. Make sure to do it calmly, because the video takes a few minutes to generate.

4. When you have finished, you can press play and the children will see how Santa Claus calls them by name, guesses their age and even shows a photo of him (the one you have added, of course). Within this message, Santa Claus asks the children to draw a picture for him.

5. And this is where the second video comes in. You can upload the drawing through a photo and in the recording, it will be shown as a sign that it has already been received.

wise men

With the messages to the Magi you can do exactly the same. You just have to go back over the profile of the child in question and then choose the three wizards of the East instead of Santa Claus. You can use the same photo and the same drawing, so that they can give the message to your children, call them by name and show both their photos and their drawings. You'll see how the kids are left with their mouths open. 

If you are interested, in addition, from this page you can also get a Christmas greeting and a personalized letter, both for the Three Kings and for Santa Claus. Just use the menu at the top of the page to get one thing or another.