20 Advent Calendar 2018 Images to Download and Print


The month of December is just around the corner. And this means many things. First of all, that the year is about to end. Second, that Christmas is closer than ever. The older ones will surely get nervous with the preparations and the little ones even more, because in the coming weeks great days of excitement and enthusiasm are coming. 

The countdown will begin this Saturday, December 1. And to make the wait lighter, nothing like making a homemade advent calendar, which helps us so that young and old learn to be patient and learn to apply all those maxims that should reign at Christmas . And if possible throughout the year.

We talk about being generous, listening to others, doing good deeds, giving what we do not need to other people who have deficiencies and finally, enjoying these exciting holidays for families. What we have proposed today is to offer you up to twenty advent calendars that you can easily download and print and that will help you make this beautiful countdown with the children.


A month of good resolutions

Advent calendars are ideal to enforce the little ones (come on, the older ones too, who many need good deeds) good deeds. Because those things that they do well, will sooner rather than later have their reward. Normally, the Advent calendar ends on the night of the 24th to the 25th, the day in which the children enjoy the arrival of Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus.

Depending on the region, the traditions are one or the other. But in most cases, the traditions consist of delivering the little gifts, sweets and toys that they have been waiting for all year. A good way to train patience can be to follow, day after day, the progress of the calendar and propose good actions for each of these days.

The calendar you have above contains some good purposes, but as you can see, it is quite empty. The idea is that you print the calendar and together with the little ones write actions or even activities to do together. For example, going to deliver the letter to the Kings, going to give a toy to children who need it or attending an activity to make Christmas cards. advent-calendar-05

Kindness and good deeds, protagonists of the advent calendar

Most Advent calendars, especially those bought in shopping malls, contain sweets, almost always chocolate bars, that children can take daily, to liven up the wait until Christmas. But those who take the matter of Christmas more literally, can take the opportunity to download and print more religious Advent calendars.

The one you have higher and right down here contain good deeds, such as rejoicing in the good news of others, appreciating simple gestures or preparing for Christmas. The advent calendar of goodness includes small and good actions that one can apply in their day to day, but not only at Christmas. And it is that showing our best smile to someone or volunteering should be part of our resolutions for the whole year.


Cutout Advent Calendars and Crafts

Children will enjoy their well-deserved vacation from December 20 . So they will have a lot of time to do things at home and even get bored. An interesting activity for the holidays, or for any winter weekend, can be to create your own advent calendar.

It is a good option now that the December long weekend is approaching. This advent calendar that you have below can be printed and cut out, to later stick in a cardboard box . Maybe inside, with a little ingenuity, you can hide some sweets or chocolates that will make the proposal even more attractive.

Christmas advent calendar.  Hand drawn elements and numbers.  Winter holidays calendar cards set design, Vector illustration

This calendar that you see below is made up of a series of balls. You can print them and cut them, to hang them on the Christmas tree. Or you can try to stick them to a box, to use as a dispenser for candy or chocolate bars. In addition, being in black and white, children can also have fun painting them.


Stamps for the advent calendar

Have you noticed this advent calendar? It is made up of a series of boxes that look a lot like postage stamps. Maybe you can use them as cutouts and add them to your Christmas cards , make a game or for any other activity.


An advent calendar in English

Another interesting formula is the Advent calendar in English. In this case you can download and print it so that the children - and the older ones, of course - can practice the language a little. But it is also that they can carry out the different actions indicated here to make their days before Christmas much more profitable. And also more pleasant for others.

There are little tasks like paying a stranger a compliment, sending an email with words of encouragement to a friend, volunteering, or donating books. These are things that we can do during those dates , but surely others will also thank us during the rest of the year.

20 images of advent calendar 2018 to download and print 1 Advent calendars to color and cut out

Another interesting idea? Advent calendars to color and cut out. This consists of a house, with countless windows , which you can later open. Surely the little ones have a great time opening them, especially if you have kept a gift inside, such as a chocolate or a bauble, for those days before Christmas.



Christmas advent calendar.  Hand drawn elements and numbers.  Winter holidays calendar cards set design, Vector illustration

As you can see, there are countless advent calendars. From the most classic to the most innovative. Most can be printed, used as postcards, or to make a homemade game. Keep in mind that in these calendars, in addition to chocolates or sweets, you can add games, cars, whistles, pens and even messages to congratulate the little ones on their achievements. Here you can be as original as you want.



Whatever calendar you make, we leave you some more so you can print and use as you like. Some are even complete coloring pages, with which you can keep the little ones entertained for a while. Enjoy them. All the options that we have provided here are free. Happy waiting!