Panasonic CMAX5, high-power portable sound system

Panasonic CMAX5

Japan's Panasonic joins the stream of high-powered and strikingly designed laptops that are populating supermarkets with its new Panasonic CMAX5 . This is a portable system consisting of a self-powered three-way speaker and a player with Bluetooth and USB ports and analog audio input for both stereo signals and for microphone and guitar. Attention because the CMAX5 boasts of delivering a maximum peak power of 11,000W (!) , Which translated into normal RMS watts is a very large 1,000 watts . The player can be controlled from a smartphoneor tablet via the corresponding app, and the whole set can be easily transported thanks to the built-in handle and wheels. To finish the whole, the CMAX5 incorporates a lighting system with six colors that are exchanged according to the music that is playing.

To be able to transport it comfortably from one room to another, the new Panasonic CMAX5 has an extendable handle on the back plus wheels on its base. This means that we can take it trolley style without having to lift weight, a very useful feature that also makes it suitable for use as entertainment equipment in hotels or in any application where it is necessary to transport it from one room to another. The team has exact dimensions of 378 millimeters wide by 724 high and 436 deep , and its weight is 19.8 kilos .

Panasonic CMAX5

As in other equipment in this category, the CMAX5 offers a modern and aggressive design, clearly announcing its performance. Has a speaker system comprised three pathways for subwoofer 25 cm diameter, two 10 cm for medium frequencies and a dome tweeter 6 centimeters for acute. The subwoofer is protected by a kind of bar or handle that runs through it, and can change color thanks to the built-in lighting system. At the top we will find the logical transport controls and sound control of the equipment, in addition to the extendable handle .

As for the audio sources, apart from the direct USB input, the new Panasonic CMAX5 is equipped with a Bluetooth port to be able to receive our favorite music from a tablet , smartphone or computer without the need to connect any cables. In addition, with the MAX Juke application we can access all the functions of the CMAX5 from the telephone, being able to leave the equipment in a fixed place and control it from any corner of the room. If we want to use any other type of stereo player, the CMAX5 includes a standard analog audio input, and if we also want to organize a KaraokeThe connection jack of 6.5 mm allow us to connect a microphone and even a guitar . To complete the party, the built-in multicolored lighting system will alternate between the six available colors to the rhythm of the music we are listening to.

Panasonic has not communicated when the new CMAX5 will be available or what its price will be, so we will be attentive to the brand's communications to complete this information.