Subscribe to PewDiePie, the meme that PewDiePie wants to end

Subscribe to PewDiePie, the meme that PewDiePie wants to end

PewDiePie is the most famous youtuber in the world. For years, it has led the list of channels with the highest number of subscribers, counting the 95 million of its main channel. Or at least that was until the arrival of T-Series, a Bollywood mega-producer whose growth has ended up unseating the youtuber from the first position by only 1 million subscribers.

After months of controversy and, above all, a lot of noise in the networks, yesterday the youtuber published a video where he asked his followers for the definitive cessation of what is already considered a 'meme' , which is affecting his public image in certain sectors.

Origin of the controversy

The  competition between PewDiePie and T-Series began about seven months ago , when for the first time the Indian channel T-Series was approaching the number of subscribers of the Swedish youtuber.

We have to keep in mind that PewDiePie represents the class of creators that rose to fame when YouTube was still an almost underground platform of independent creators, back in the late 2000s. With the appearance of large production companies like T-Series, many have come to think, not without some reason, that the YouTube model as we know it may disappear .

From here is when PewDiePie becomes a kind of last guardian of the original YouTube, counting on the support of hundreds of creators to stop T-Series. A huge totally improvised ad campaign that has continued to this day. Even with certain somewhat controversial ramifications.

So far we have come

It's also true that PewDiePie always thought of it as a 'little' joke . In fact, she published the absurd song 'Bitch Lasagna' that became the official anthem of the phenomenon and that today is her most watched video. In fact, such has been the impact of that video that it has motivated T-Series to go to court, managing to block its broadcast in India.

Seeing how far events have gone, the youtuber  regrets that people have not taken it with more irony . Yesterday he took the opportunity to announce that he is definitely leaving this competition and has taken the opportunity to ask his community to do the same.