The 10 funniest Siri responses on the iPhone

siri image

Siri, the iPhone assistant, is quite a celebrity. Although it is no longer the only artificial intelligence in the mobile market, it is the most famous of all. Why? Among other things because its developers decided to include a sense of humor in their answers .

This led many users to find a hobby in asking Siri questions of all kinds. The answers, each more imaginative, have become famous and have traveled the world. For this article we have compiled the 10 funniest and most original that we have come across . We hope you like them.

Siri in privacy

If we ask Siri if she has a boyfriend, she can go anywhere. In this case, we find a rather shocking answer: " A long time ago there was a vacuum cleaner that followed me everywhere ." And it is that not having a body has to be a real problem when it comes to looking for a partner. Our question is, would the vacuum cleaner ... have Wi-Fi?

siri asks boyfriend

If we continue investigating the personal life of the assistant, we will come across humor again. And with the references to the 80s! Asking if he had a pet, we come across a curious reference to the Gremlins. At least, in its more modest version: “ The mogwais are a charm. Unless you feed them after midnight . "

siri mogwais

Tastes and hobbies

Siri reminds us a lot of humans in specific aspect, and it is to get balls out. When there is a question that he is not interested in answering, he goes through the hills of Úbeda , and so calm. Of course, it has a salt shaker ...

When we asked him what he thought about country music, he replied, “ I think, therefore I am. But do not rule out the opposite ". This (lousy) joke would certainly have been used as well if we had asked him about the song. Or because of cubism.

siri country

We couldn't resist the temptation to ask him about Netflix, and his favorite series. After all, Siri has to get really bored when she's not being asked. His answer will delight fans of the Lost series: " I have lost myself trying to understand why there is a polar bear on the island ."

Siri, you are still in the first season. We recommend that you have a little more patience. And try to see Westworld, which is about robots .

siri netflix

We also wanted to know Siri's take on Pokemon Go, and we were not disappointed. Like humans, she wanted to make the list without being fully informed. " Look, Jigglypuff is after you! No wait, it's Wigglytuff. I always mix the names of these two . " Don't worry Siri, they are both valid references.

siri pokemon

About the competition

Although it is a classic, we cannot ignore one of the main “trolls” that we can do to Siri. If instead of saying "Hey Siri", which is your activation command, we say "OK Google", which is Google Now and Google Assistance, you just laugh. " Ha ha! I'm freaking out… ”However, she doesn't seem very concerned either. We'll see if he keeps laughing when the Google Assistant becomes more popular.

siri ok google

Zero between zero

Another classic needed to be in that selection. If we ask him how much zero is between zero , some kind of light bulb turns on in Siri and he answers:

“Imagine that you have 0 cookies and you distribute them among 0 friends. How many cookies does each friend get? It doesn't make sense, you see? So the cookie monster is sad because he has no cookies, and you are sad because you have no friends . "

Despite the crypticness of your answer, you are absolutely right .

sir zero

Siri and sex

Siri has a filter programmed to avoid getting into shady matters, especially those related to sex. As much as we asked Siri to warm us up a bit, he remained unfazed. We are left with his answer when we ask him to tell us something dirty: " I can't, I'm pure hygiene ." It reminds us of Woody Allen when he said "sex is only dirty if you don't shower."

siri dirty

Siri, sing

If you want to know what Siri is like singing, you are going to be disappointed. When we asked her to sing a song for us, she went for carnations. Of course, its intonation is the same as that of a tobacco machine .

siri song

A final prediction

Siri seems to know everything, so it's not a bad idea to ask her when the world will end. More than anything, so that the writing is combed and showered for the occasion. Siri didn't say she didn't know, but reassured us that " there are a ton of alternate universes ." So we are left without knowing very well if we have to comb our hair or not.

siri universe