The new HP 2000 series notebooks fit any use

HP 2000 Series

HP , the brand that for many years is dedicated to the manufacture of computers , has presented and released two new laptops . It is the HP 2000 series . They are divided into two ranges, one is the HP 2000t and the other is the HP 2000z . As for the design they are the same , the only thing that changes are the components , or rather, the brands of the components. The screen is 15.6 inches , and uses LED backlight technology . Thanks to this it can give us a good brightness , low energy consumption and aHD resolution , ie 1376 x 768 pixels .

The design appears serious from the first moment , but as soon as we begin to discover the rounded shapes and the colors with dark and elegant tones , we immediately realize that it is a very attractive product . It also has a keyboard of the "chiclet" type , that is, with rubber keys and something separated so that it is comfortable to write. The processor brand can be Intel for the 2000t , or AMD for the 2000z . In any case, we always have at least a double processing core in each case, oneIntegrated graphics card and minimum RAM of 2 GB . If we get demanding we can expand it to 4 GB , of course it will cost us something more.

HP 2000 Series

One of the best points in favor is that they are practically completely configurable . Not only do we have a wide range of processors or graphics cards , we can also choose from many hard drives or the software that we want pre-installed. The storage capacity can range from 250 to 640 GB . It is very good, since this way it can always be adjusted to everyone's pocket . From peripherals it has a webcam, microphone, high definition speakers, Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet without cables, multi-card reader and several USB 2.0 ports to transfer files. It also has aHDMI output for anyone who wants to view content on a monitor that accepts high definition (HD) .

We see that the North American renews many of its series of laptops , and the 15-inch ones were not going to be left behind. These component enhancements are intended to reach a large number of end users . They are computers that can be used both professionally and for leisure . Thanks to its screen, movies or video games look great , and it also has no problem running several applications at the same time . The best, the price . The most basic of the HP 2000t starts at about 400 euros , and theHP 2000z at about 350 . They are very affordable prices , but if we want the most powerful in the range, it can be increased by up to 400 euros each.