What song was number 1 on the radio the day you were born?


Are you curious to know which song was the most popular of the moment on the radio the day you were born? The popular radio station Los 40 has set up a web page so that you can know the song that hit him the day you saw the light of the world for the first time. Just like your years, you don't share the musical taste of the moment, but you will be able to know what your parents were listening to just before you came into the world.

There was a time when the radio was a good thermometer to gauge the popularity of a song. The stations created lists, generally paid for by the same record labels, consisting of the most popular songs or those that they believed they should be. The songs did not stop playing and only those that belonged to that same list sounded, for which the 'numbers 1' end up triumphing and being the most listened to.

One of the most popular stations that used what is called 'radio formula' is Los 40, whose mythical list continues to accompany its listeners week after week. The way we listen to songs has changed and we went from selling records to listening in streaming, on Spotify or YouTube. But the songs are still part of our vital growth. Many are still anchored in the past, listening to old songs, from decades past. For this we have Los 40 Classic, a station that only plays songs from the past and has invented this particular 'time machine' in which you put your date of birth and, automatically, a YouTube video appears with the song that was number 1 on The 40 that same day.

For example, this song by Alex and Cristina was number 1 in Los 40 when Taylor Swift was born

It was the 90s when Ariana Grande was born , one of the best voices of her generation. And who was hitting it in Los 40? Well, an emblematic group of the decade, the Aerosmiths with their Livin 'On The Edge.

And our most international singer? Rosalía was born on September 25, 1993 and in that week number one was a song that during that summer we were able to listen to our fill. Who does not remember that of 'your brown skin on the sand'?

And now we go with one of the singers that you listen to the most on the Spotify streaming platform, Drake. What did you sound like on the day of your birth? Well, something that comes in handy, a rap reinterpretation of Madonna's hit 'Holiday'.

And we are going to finish finding out what sounded in our country when one of the great song divas of all time, Beyoncé, saw the sunlight for the first time: none other than Joan Manuel Serrat .