▷ Complete list with all the national prefix numbers of Spain

prefix -910-911

The prefixes of Spain depend on both the provinces and the Autonomous Communities. Currently there are as many prefixes as there are provinces Spain has. And is that with the exception of Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla, the rest of the provinces have a unique prefix whose use is limited to the province where the prefix in question operates. Another aspect that we must take into account is that when making calls from abroad we will have to accompany the fixed number with the numbering +34 to avoid calling other countries whose prefixes are shared with those of our province. This time we have made a list with all the national prefix numbers in Spain , as well as international prefixes.

Telephone codes of Spain

Prefixes of Extremadura, Madrid, Seville, Salamanca… Below you can see a list of both national and international prefixes divided by province and Autonomous Community of Spain.


Specifically, you can find prefixes of the following Autonomous Communities:

  • Prefixes of Andalusia
  • Aragon prefix
  • Area codes of Principality of Asturias
  • Balearic Islands prefixes
  • Canary Islands prefixes
  • Prefixes of Cantabria
  • Prefixes of Castilla-La Mancha
  • Prefixes of Castilla y León
  • Prefixes of Catalonia
  • Prefixes of Extremadura
  • Prefixes of Galicia
  • Prefixes of La Rioja
  • Area codes of Community of Madrid
  • Area codes of Region of Murcia
  • Prefixes of Comunidad Foral de Navarra
  • Basque Country prefixes
  • Prefixes of Valencian Community

And the following provinces:

  • Area codes of Álava (Basque Country)
  • Prefixes of Albacete (Castilla La Mancha)
  • Prefixes of Alicante (Valencian Community)
  • Prefixes of Almería (Andalusia)
  • Area codes of Asturias (Asturias)
  • Prefixes of Ávila (Castilla y León)
  • Prefixes of Badajoz (Badajoz)
  • Prefixes of Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Prefixes of Burgos (Castile and León)
  • Area codes of Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • Area codes of Cádiz (Extremadura)
  • Prefixes of Cantabria (Cantabria)
  • Prefixes of Castellón (Valencian Community)
  • Prefixes of Ciudad Real (Castilla La Mancha)
  • Area codes of Córdoba (Andalusia)
  • Prefixes of La Coruña (Galicia)
  • Prefixes of Cuenca (Castilla La Mancha)
  • Prefixes of Gerona (Catalonia)
  • Area codes of Granada (Andalusia)
  • Area codes of Guadalajara (Castilla La Mancha)
  • Prefixes of Guipúzcoa (Basque Country)
  • Prefixes of Huelva (Andalusia)
  • Prefixes of Huesca (Aragon)
  • Prefixes of Balearic Islands (Balearic Islands)
  • Prefixes of Jaén (Andalusia)
  • Prefixes of León (Castilla y León)
  • Prefixes of Lleida (Catalonia)
  • Prefixes of Lugo (Galicia)
  • Prefixes of Madrid (Community of Madrid)
  • Prefixes of Malaga (Andalusia)
  • Area codes of Murcia (Region of Murcia)
  • Prefixes of Navarra (Navarra)
  • Area codes of Ourense (Galicia)
  • Prefixes of Palencia (Castile and León)
  • Prefixes of Las Palmas (Canary Islands)
  • Prefixes of Pontevedra (Galicia)
  • Prefixes of La Rioja (La Rioja)
  • Area codes of Salamanca (Castilla y León)
  • Prefixes of Segovia (Castilla y León)
  • Prefixes of Seville (Andalusia)
  • Prefixes of Soria (Castilla y León)
  • Prefixes of Tarragona (Catalonia)
  • Area codes of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)
  • Prefixes of Teruel (Aragon)
  • Prefixes of Toledo (Castilla La Mancha)
  • Prefixes of Valencia (Valencian Community)
  • Prefixes of Valladolid (Castile and León)
  • Prefixes of Vizcaya (Basque Country)
  • Prefixes of Zamora (Castilla y León)
  • Area codes of Zaragoza (Aragon)

If you click on the linked prefixes, you can find all kinds of information about the prefix in question, such as the areas where it operates, the cost of the call and the towns where it is active .

National prefixes (national call)

International prefixes (calls from outside Spain)

Area code of A CoruñaPrefix 981Prefix +34 981
Area code of ÁlavaPrefix 945Prefix +34 945
Prefix of AlbacetePrefix 967Prefix +34 967
Alicante prefixPrefix 96Prefix +34 96
Prefix of AlmeríaPrefix 950Prefix +34 950
Area code of AsturiasPrefix 98Prefix +34 98
Area code of ÁvilaPrefix 920Prefix +34 920
Prefix of BadajozPrefix 924Prefix +34 924
Balearic prefixPrefix 971Prefix +34 971
Barcelona prefixPrefix 93Prefix +34 93
Bizkaia prefixPrefix 94Prefix +34 94
Area code of BurgosPrefix 947Prefix +34 947
Area code of CáceresPrefix 927Prefix +34 927
Area code of CádizPrefix 956Prefix +34 956
Cantabria prefixPrefix 942Prefix +34 942
Castellón prefixPrefix 964Prefix +34 964
Area code of CeutaPrefix 956Prefix +34 956
Area code of Ciudad RealPrefix 926Prefix +34 926
Cordoba prefixPrefix 957Prefix +34 957
Cuenca prefixPrefix 969Prefix +34 969
Gipuzkoa prefixPrefix 943Prefix +34 943
Girona prefixPrefix 972Prefix +34 972
Area code of GranadaPrefix 958Prefix +34 958
Guadalajara prefixPrefix 949Prefix +34 949
Prefix of HuelvaPrefix 959Prefix +34 959
Area code of HuescaPrefix 974Prefix +34 974
Area code of JaénPrefix 953Prefix +34 953
Area code of La RiojaPrefix 941Prefix +34 941
Area code of Las PalmasPrefix 928Prefix +34 928
Area code of LeónPrefix 987Prefix +34 987
Lugo prefixPrefix 982Prefix +34 982
Area code of LleidaPrefix 973Prefix +34 973
Madrid prefixPrefix 91Prefix +34 91
Malaga prefixPrefix 95Prefix +34 95
Melilla prefixPrefix 95Prefix +34 95
Murcia prefixPrefix 968Prefix +34 968
Navarra prefixPrefix 948Prefix +34 948
Area code of OurensePrefix 988Prefix +34 988
Prefix of PalenciaPrefix 979Prefix +34 979
Prefix of PontevedraPrefix 986Prefix +34 986
Salamanca prefixPrefix 923Prefix +34 923
Area code of Santa Cruz de TenerifePrefix 922Prefix +34 922
Prefix of SegoviaPrefix 921Prefix +34 921
Seville prefixPrefix 95Prefix +34 95
Area code of SoriaPrefix 975Prefix +34 975
Tarragona prefixPrefix 977Prefix +34 977
Teruel prefixPrefix 978Prefix +34 978
Toledo prefixPrefix 925Prefix +34 925
Valencia prefixPrefix 96Prefix +34 96
Valladolid prefixPrefix 983Prefix +34 983
Area code of ZamoraPrefix 980Prefix +34 980
Area code of ZaragozaPrefix 976Prefix +34 976

Other prefixes of Spain

In the event that you have not found the prefix of your community or province, you can see some variants of the most searched prefixes below.

Complete list with all the national prefix numbers of Spain 1

If you click on each of the linked prefixes you will be able to find information on each of the areas that the prefixes collect.

National prefixes (national call)

International prefixes (calls from outside Spain)

Barcelona prefixPrefix 937Prefix +34 937
Madrid prefixPrefix 918Prefix +34 918
Alicante prefixPrefix 963Prefix +34 963
Prefix of Malaga and MelillaPrefix 952Prefix +34 952
Barcelona prefixPrefix 935Prefix +34 935
Valencia prefixPrefix 961Prefix +34 961
Seville prefixPrefix 954Prefix +34 954
Madrid prefixPrefix 910Prefix +34 910
Madrid prefixPrefix 913Prefix +34 913