Pornhub gives away free accounts in Spain, this is what you will get

free pornhub premium espana promotion

The news jumped this morning. Pornhub, the most popular international porn portal in the world, has opened the registration of Premium accounts to all users in Spain. "In view of the expansion of quarantines, we are extending free access to Free Pornhub Premium for this month for our friends in Spain, to help pass the time and keep us entertained." This is how the portal notifies anyone who accesses through a Spanish IP address from this morning.

What will we get with a Premium Pornhub account? Can we register without introducing a credit card? How long will the offer last? Let's see what this curious initiative offers.

What advantages does Pornhub Premium have over

The advantages that the Pornhub payment service includes are several. It is worth mentioning that this promotion does not include the advantages of a standard Premium subscription , such as the possibility of eliminating the advertising embedded in the website or downloading videos without the need to use third-party applications. Outside of these limitations, the first and most interesting novelty is the possibility of accessing all the exclusive content of the platform.

pornhub offer free italy spain

Typically, this content is marked with a black and orange star next to the thumbnail of the video in question. Thanks to the paid subscription we can access any video without any type of restriction, except that imposed by the actors and actresses themselves. Remember that the platform has the ability to buy videos to support content creators. It should also be noted that the number of videos classified as Premium amounts to more than 100,000 at the time of writing.

Also, the number of full DVDs included with the subscription amounts to more than 30,000 . Most of this content, by the way, comes from production companies like Brazzers, Mofos, Digital Playground, Backroom Casting Couch, Net Video Girls or

Another advantage that the Pornhub Premium subscription includes has to do with the quality of playback of the videos. The maximum resolution limit for free portal accounts is Full HD. The paid subscription supports content playback in 2K and 4K respectively .

Do I have to enter my credit card information?

Although we can register our personal data through the form that is linked together with the promotion, the truth is that it is not necessary. If we choose to register on the web, the portal will not require any type of payment information , just an email address and a password. We can do it from the following link:


Can I access this offer if I am not from Spain?

Currently this promotion is active only in Spain and Italy. If we do not have a Spanish IP address, Pornhub will veto access to the offer. Another option is to use a VPN application that allows us to simulate our location in one of the two countries, although most are paid or have some type of browsing limit.

How long will the offer last?

In principle, Pornhub has announced that the offer will last one month , although it is not ruled out that the company will extend the promotion until the Government of Spain decides to withdraw the preventive quarantine. Nor is it ruled out that it will spread to other countries, as has already happened with Italy.