These are the radiation data of the LG G6 and LG V30

These are the radiation data of the LG G6 and LG V30

Do mobiles produce radiation? It is a question that has been in the air practically since the first mobile appeared on the market. The answer is yes, they emit radiation. But not all mobiles emit the same amount of radiation . Furthermore, it is not yet too clear whether this amount is harmful to health. There are many studies that have been carried out on this aspect. And, the truth is, the results are contradictory. For this reason, studies are still being carried out on how radiation from mobile phones affects the human body. Even so, if it is an issue that concerns us, we have the means to know which terminals emit more or less radiation. On this occasion, we have chosen the two high-end LG phones. Let's check the radiation values ​​of the LG V30 and LG G6.

How can we know this data? A very simple way is to access the website of the German Office for Radiation Protection, the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz. This organization has evaluated the SAR of many terminals on the market. What is the SAR? SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the amount of waves that human tissue can retain from the emission of your phone .

The Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz gives us courage both in the head and in the rest of the body . And it is that, let's be honest, mobile phones are used less and less to call.

Despite the fact that the levels emitted by current smartphones, in most cases, fall within safe levels for the user, the lower the SAR, the safer the mobile and the better for the user .

Radiation data from the LG G6 and LG V30

LG V30 and LG G6 brain radiation data

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The SAR regulation may be different in each country. For example, in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that mobile phones have a SAR value equal to or less than 1.6 watts per kilogram (W / Kg) . This value should be measured in a volume of 1 gram of human tissue.

However, the European Union sets a limit of 2 W / kg, averaged over 10 grams of tissue .

LG is one of the companies that takes more care of the radiation emission from its mobiles. The Korean company is one of the brands that offers the least SAR in its terminals .

SAR values ​​of the main LG mobiles

SAR (in the ear)SAR (on the body)
LG V30 0.48 1.23
LG G6 0.39 1.12
LG Q6 0.28 1.54

It's easy to get lost when we don't have to compare. Therefore, we are going to compare these values ​​with some of the most popular current terminals.

Here are the SAR values ​​in the head (ear) :

Ear SAR comparison


As you can see, the LG terminals remain at really low values. In fact, as we mentioned, they are among the phones with the lowest SAR on the market .

And here are the SAR values ​​in the rest of the body :

Copy: SAR comparison in body


Although we see a lot of difference, LG terminals continue to remain at lower values ​​than many terminals on the market . As we said, on the website of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz you can consult hundreds of terminals. You just have to look for the mobile with its commercial name.

It may not be something that we take into account when buying a mobile, but it is an important fact. So you know, if you are concerned about the radiation emitted by mobiles, you have a website where you can consult it. Needless to say, the lower the value, the better for our body .