"Sure yes guapi", what is behind the viral phrase of the moment?


There is no middle ground. You either love it or hate it. It is Coral , the actress who appears in the advertisement for Chicfy , an application to sell and buy clothes from mobile phones with iOS or Android . "I buy clothes / then I sell them / so I get this roll that I have" and continues "Chic for me, chic for me, chic, chic chic ..." , all accompanied by an almost frantic dance and the indispensable perreo that youth practices in the discos. The brunette girl, candidate to buy the blonde's dress, blurts out a: "Make me a little discount" , while our protagonist finishes it off with a resounding "Of course I do, handsome.". Here is the phrase that has made her famous: the culprit that everyone talks about her, either to put her in stock or to become fans. What is clear is that it does not leave you indifferent . But who is Coral and for what reason has she become a celebrity in this media? That you still don't know her? Well, take a look at the video and keep reading.

Now they have just interviewed her on Cadena SER. She is closely linked to the world of acting, but Coral González is only 21 years old . She was presented to the casting by the hand of a friend, who notified her. She sent some photos and that's it. The only thing she knew about the ad is that it was a clothing app, but they didn't tell her that she had to dance or if she had a phrase. The reality was what we saw in the ad. Coral had to dance and say the famous phrase: the one that has been around the country and that has made the video go viral. She says she came across the "cake" while filming the ad, but still, she did very well. The proof is the success that this girl and the application have achieved. She says that she had no idea of ​​the repercussion that this announcement could have and in fact, we are sure that not even the creators of the spot had it . She says that now they no longer call her Coral, but “Chic chic”.


Coral is a dancer by training. He was born in Marbella , although he grew up in Valladolid . Now she has been in Madrid for three years trying to find a place in the world of interpretation and dance. At the moment, he's working on a Christmas show at the Teatro Circo Price , which isn't bad at all to begin with. But the thing is that the most famous hottie of the moment (with Ylenia's permission, that other girl who with more or less talent sang one of those summer ditties and who popularized this adjective cuqui) has not been seduced by the barrage of offers she has made. received so far . He has refused, among other things, to enter Big Brother VIP , the Telecinco programwhich will be broadcast in a few weeks and in which all kinds of Spanish celebrities will appear. Coral doesn't even want to hear about it . She says that for the moment she wants to focus on her career, because this television thing does not convince her: not when it comes to doing such particular types of programs. In fact, the only thing you'll see on Coral González's Instagram are snapshots and videos of her daily training sessions. The Chicfy thing has been a flower of a day. For now