The 10 Craziest Questions and Answers on Yahoo! Answers

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The human being is curious by nature. We can't help it. And what better place than the Internet to satisfy it: a place where you can ask questions and have other users like you answer you, practically, instantly. But what happens? That there are trolls. And want to joke. And that can become a great humorous sketch or a place where you can stand out in front of millions of strangers. Therefore, we have brought you a sample of The 10 Craziest Questions and Answers on Yahoo! Answers . Because it already once said Einstein: "There is only one thing more infinite the universe human stupidity" . The ranking, by the way, does not go from worst to best. It is totally random.


When does YouTube come to your house to record the videos?

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This poor girl (if we believe that LuvA is a female nickname) thought that YouTube itself was responsible for producing all the videos that we can see uploaded to its page. Of course, why not.


I've caught my son with another boy in bed and I think he may be gay. Is there another way to test it?


Well, he's only 18. Let's see, just having sex with a boy doesn't mean he's gay. There must be ANOTHER way to check, I don't know. A birthmark, a certain way of walking… Right? TRUE?


How can I lose 23 kilos in a month?


The really cool thing here was the response. Since it is impossible to lose 22 kilos in a month without it ending up taking its toll, wouldn't it be great to amputate both legs in order to lose it radically? We believe not. We just believe it.


What does it mean for someone to meow at you?


The usual: one goes down the street and suddenly, when crossing the corner, another meows all over his face. And of course, you are surprised. What did that man mean? Well, that man, perhaps, is a cat.


Those who were born on February 29, are they one year old when they have passed 4?


The answer to this mysterious question is even more mysterious: "They are locked up in a secret Iowa lab every four years." Is this dirty government strategy true? It smells really bad here.


How can I look at a picture of the sun without hurting myself?


"Looking at the photo at night, while the sun sleeps." One of the best possible answers to a question that one doubts if it was seriously produced.


Atheists, if evolution is true: why doesn't my dog ​​turn into an elephant?


Of course. Faith moves mountains.


A dog sniffed my ass and I farted in his face. Have I crossed the line?


The normal thing: you are on the beach sunbathing, when a dog approaches to smell your ass and you, to scare it away, fart all over its face. And then you worry that the dog has gotten angry… or something.


My wife has changed her Facebook status from "Married" to "Widowed". Should I be worried?


But what the hell has this man done to his wife? What if you should worry ...!


Why do my arm seizure and turn red when I eat garbage?


The least of your problems is the arm thing, honey.

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