What does the yellow Alexa circle mean on my Amazon Echo?

What does the yellow Alexa circle mean on my Amazon Echo?

Do you have an Amazon Echo with Alexa? These smart speakers have an LED in the upper area that indicates the status of the device. When we turn up the volume we can see how the light increases, when we deactivate the microphone the LED turns red and if we carry out the 'Alexa' command it will turn blue, indicating that Alexa is listening to us and that we can ask the question. But if you have a device at home, surely the LED indicator has turned yellow on more than one occasion . You do not know what it means? We explain it to you.

The yellow color of the upper LED of the Amazon Echo is usually accompanied by a sound that sounds a couple of times. This yellow indicator means that you have pending notifications . Normally an order that you have bought Amazon is related to news, since Alexa is synchronized with our Amazon account. To know the notifications you just have to ask "Alexa, what notifications do I have?" It will quickly respond to you with pending notifications. In most cases, it is because the order you bought previously will be delivered throughout the day, although it can also be notifications about news from the assistant, a reminder or even a Skill that has news and that you have allowed it to send you notifications.

How to disable notifications on the Amazon Echo


There is a way to disable these notifications, as they can be annoying in most cases. Especially since the alert is usually activated during the first hour of the morning , which is when the Amazon product goes out to delivery. You will first need to remove the sound. To do this, go to the Alexa app from your mobile and tap on the device category. Next, tap on the Echo and Alexa button and select your smart speaker. In the General section, click on the option that says 'Sounds' and in the 'Notification' option click on 'None'. This way, it will no longer sound when a notification reaches the Echo.

To deactivate notifications for purchases and orders on Amazon , click on the Start button, access the side menu and click on 'Settings'. Then, go to the Notifications section and in the 'Purchases with Amazon' option uncheck the boxes that are marked in blue.